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  1. steverino commented on Monty 1 day ago

    Roast turkey would actually be better than a turkey sandwich.

  2. steverino commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    Poor kitty!

  3. steverino commented on Peanuts Begins 4 days ago

    In Florida, I have seen folks selling the Sunday papers at intersections. Philadelphia, too, come to think of it.

  4. steverino commented on Monty 5 days ago

    Long ago I read somewhere that watchmen in explosives factories had one-legged stools: allowed you to rest, but not fall asleep.

  5. steverino commented on Peanuts Begins 5 days ago

    I had one of those old handbooks; it was useful. Never actually was a Boy Scouts, but the handbook taught me how to mow a lawn, handle a knife, and other useful things for a boy raised by a single mother. Nowadays it likely has tips on how to charge your phone in the wild.

  6. steverino commented on The Knight Life 7 days ago

    Yes, but then everybody can afford to wear socks! Or something. Google is trying to put Tom Friedman out of business, too, so it’s not all bad.

  7. steverino commented on Doonesbury 7 days ago

    I don’t “get” modern art (modern==anything after impressionism), but in HS my textbook had a print of “Broadway Boogie-woogie” by Mondrian, and I got it! With the hint from the title, and the fact that I can recall the title and artist 35 years later tells you something.

    My cousin’s an artist, and his stuff is incomprehensible to me, though his fellows love it. To each his own.

    www. moma.org/collection/works/78682 (remove space)

  8. steverino commented on Crumb 7 days ago

    Growing up we had a window in our kitchen onto the outside porch. There was a cabinet inside, and we put a table outside. Mom hung some jingle bells on a string outside. The theory was, the cats would jingle the bells and we’d hear them.

    In practice, the cats would jump on the table, prop themselves up on the storm window/screen, and look in. We’d hear the “thump”, and open the window for them.

    When I got my own place: cat door.

  9. steverino commented on Cul de Sac 8 days ago

    Next is Tai The Knot, a form of marital arts.

  10. steverino commented on The Knight Life 8 days ago

    My wife just mangles names, like TV shows: “The Andy Griffen Show”, “Steinfeld”; and she likes that new show starring that guy from “Home Improvements”… you know, Tim the Tailor. And, thanks to “Mary Poppins” and Dick Van Dyke, Santa comes down the “chimeny”.