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  1. OneVoice commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 19 days ago

    Plants face the sun all day long because the cells multiply(grow) on the shady side of the stem, thus they turn the head with the sun. The sun actually inhibits growth on the side it is shining on. You have it wrong in the cartoon.

  2. OneVoice commented on Rob Rogers about 2 years ago

    My opinion is that Bush defended the country. You can believe the lie that is thought to be truth, but history will prove him right about the WMD being secretly sent to Syria and Iraq having the most likelyhood of becoming a “democratic” state. Also, Obama has spent our grandkids future already. And we have nothing to show for it except government growth and waste.

  3. OneVoice commented on Michael Ramirez about 3 years ago

    good one. If you don’t get it with the astronaut, he is facing something majorly bad… look into his visor and you see something monstrous reflected with Obamacare written on it!

  4. OneVoice commented on Michael Ramirez about 3 years ago

    ACA creates a disaster unfolding in the both the economy of this country (1/6 is healthcare) and the healthcare industry. Boehner is trying to save our future (from a European style one-payer healthcare) and our children’s future economy. It is called liberty in the constitution. It is what our forefathers fought for, some died for, and we have been given by our constitution and God-given rights… LIBERTY!