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  1. mfrasca commented on Tom the Dancing Bug about 14 hours ago

    Ted Williams endorses this strip.

  2. mfrasca commented on Agnes 8 days ago

    Summer flu? I hope she doesn’t have Captain Trips…

  3. mfrasca commented on In the Bleachers 12 days ago

    “Blew an easy putt” Doug Sanders 1970 Open Championship; 18th green at St. Andrews
    “Shanked it”- Steve Stricker 2013 US Open; 2nd hole at Merion
    “Hooked It” Lorena Ochoa 2005 US Women’s Open; 18th hole at Cherry Hills

  4. mfrasca commented on Agnes 14 days ago

    “I need a big ass bus with a satellite dish
    A double-decker double-wide what I wish
    I dream open eyed
    That this be true
    My double-decker double-wide, oh yeah
    It’s gonna have two icemakers
    In both refrigerators
    A silent but violent generator
    To run the subwoofers and the disco ball
    The escalator up to the dance hall
    On the second floor with a giant sky light
    Driving range and jacuzzi just right
    For skinny dipping right after the show
    At 80 miles an hour
    It’s worth all the dough
    Until then, I’ll stand on the corner with a sign
    That says I will work for my
    Double Decker double wide”

    Keller Wiliams- “Kidney in a Cooler”

  5. mfrasca commented on Non Sequitur 18 days ago

    Charlie, like Calvin before him, will be a science fiction and fantasy writer.

  6. mfrasca commented on Calvin and Hobbes 19 days ago


  7. mfrasca commented on Bound and Gagged about 1 month ago

    The Night Vale Secret Police will get right on it. Who’s a good boy?

  8. mfrasca commented on In the Bleachers 2 months ago

    That’s sore-armed relief pitcher Chico Mecoatl of the 1943 Ruppert Mundys. It was actually more of an “Eeep!” than a “Kack!”

    “Hear that? It can give you the goosebumps. Chico Mecoatl- you can tell your grandchildren you heard him make that noise. Hear it?”

  9. mfrasca commented on Chuckle Bros 2 months ago

    I got the DJ to play “Time Warp” during my daughter’s wedding reception. The entire wedding party lined up to do the TW.

  10. mfrasca commented on PreTeena 3 months ago

    “Small gift, big smile!”