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  1. mfrasca commented on Agnes 16 days ago

    Close enough to watch out for her toes. From The Dark Tower wiki (1):

    “Lobstrosities are bizarre creatures that… look like a cross between scorpions and giant lobsters measuring about four feet long…they constantly murmur questions: Dad-a-chum? Dum-a-chum? Ded-a-chek? Did-a-chick?”

    1. http://darktower.wikia.com/wiki/Lobstrosities

  2. mfrasca commented on Close to Home about 1 month ago


  3. mfrasca commented on Wizard of Id 2 months ago

    As long as it had enough fuel, a dragon would work better than a flame-thrower:

  4. mfrasca commented on Agnes 3 months ago

    and I am reminded of this Star Trek TNG homage to Belushi:

  5. mfrasca commented on Non Sequitur 6 months ago

    The inspiration for today’s comic:


  6. mfrasca commented on The Boondocks 7 months ago

    Black people can also get malignant melanoma; it is what killed Bob Marley.

  7. mfrasca commented on Wizard of Id 7 months ago

    “…dogs are not allowed in the dog park. People are not allowed in the dog park.”

  8. mfrasca commented on Agnes 9 months ago

    … sell it to the butcher in the store.

    Or perhaps Warehouse 13.

    In any event, it’ll be the finest in the nation!

  9. mfrasca commented on PreTeena 9 months ago

    This strip crosses the line.

  10. mfrasca commented on PreTeena 11 months ago

    Goose is afflicted with “chūnibyō.”