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  1. Hobbes1000 commented on Big Nate 12 months ago

    Not much going on today. Hopefully this story-line will be advanced more tomorrow, although what’s the next step? Nate telling his dad about Trudy?

  2. Hobbes1000 commented on Big Nate 12 months ago

    I appreciate that, but there’s still scope for analysis on events in the strip and speculation on what might happen next, the same as any other comic strip with a running story.

  3. Hobbes1000 commented on Big Nate 12 months ago

    Tue Elung-Jensen said yesterday:

    “Anything can happen yes, and something will happen to either stress the relationship or break them up – or just plain mess with us readers. But considering she came back to him to apologize and show how much she cared, plus on more than one occation shown to having an intelligent, humorous personality (this strip, and the one where Nate repeats “dating”, and the one where Francis lipreads her calling him an idiot) it would have to be something really shocking to no have her be a keeper. Could imagine some stuff, but those things are in the extreme cases and doubt it fits into the pattern with the comic.”

    I think this will be a short-term relationship for Nate, and the story arc will be of a similar length to that of Jenny leaving (and then returning). This strip has done big things before, it’s not all namby-pamby soft humour (or at least, it didn’t always used to be), and that could include breaking these two up at some point.

    Bear in mind that Nate has had other girlfriends before and they haven’t always worked out.

    I’m not sure what you mean about yesterday’s strip showing that Trudy has “an intelligent, warm and humorous personality”. Just because she thought Nate’s fear of cats was cute?

  4. Hobbes1000 commented on Big Nate 12 months ago

    Far, far, far too early to say that “Trudy’s a keeper”, QuietStorm27. Nate and Trudy have only been dating for three strips!

  5. Hobbes1000 commented on Soccer Earth over 1 year ago

    A schoolboy brought his teacher a box of raisins every day for the whole school year. The teacher assumed that the boy lived at some kind of farm or that his father worked at a raisin factory, and she happily ate them at break time whilst the children played outside.

    Later on in the year though, for a few days, the boy didn’t bring his teacher a box of raisins. The teacher asked the boy ‘Why don’t you bring me those little boxes of raisins anymore?’

    The boy simply looked up at her and said ‘My pet rabbit died, Miss’.

  6. Hobbes1000 commented on Dinosaur Comics over 1 year ago

    Calvin did order a beanie cap with a propeller from his accumulated ‘Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs’ cereal tokens. The cap took 6 weeks to arrive and Calvin broke it as he put it together.

  7. Hobbes1000 commented on The Doozies over 1 year ago

    Very clever. Top strip.

  8. Hobbes1000 commented on The Doozies over 1 year ago

    The description on the side of this page says that ‘Tom Gammill delivers a new Doozie every day’ but we have not had a strip every day for a week for months. We’re lucky if we get one a week!

  9. Hobbes1000 commented on Garfield over 1 year ago

    Don’t try this at home, kids!

  10. Hobbes1000 commented on The Doozies over 1 year ago

    Nice to see that The Doozies seems to have become a daily strip again!