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  1. codewalla commented on Jeff Danziger 7 months ago

    Shoeshine? Racist much?

  2. codewalla commented on Tom Toles 7 months ago

    You are spot on. I’m equally disappointed in all sides of the “argument” over climate change. Deniers are clearly wrong, but so are the prognosticators, and ultimately behaviors won’t change.

  3. codewalla commented on Henry Payne 7 months ago

    Pulitzer prize winning investigative journalism compared to lazy repetition of talking points. How could someone think that there’s any sort of equivalency between what the Post did (decades ago) and what Fox half-assedly does today? Sigh…

  4. codewalla commented on Glenn McCoy 7 months ago

    I’ll chime in on the liberal side: flush the ACA, replace it with single payer – Medicare for everyone! Any conservatives who are actually successful can easily pay their Medicare taxes and buy a private plan, or put a doc or ten on retainer. If you can’t afford to do that, you might be playing for the wrong team

    Buy hey, nevermind that, the game’s rigged. Carry on you plutocrat wannabes – Romney 2016!

  5. codewalla commented on Glenn McCoy 7 months ago

    Man, I’d pay not to look at that ugly mug floating off to the left of every insipid post by that Doctor Warbucks schmo

  6. codewalla commented on Matt Bors 7 months ago

    I’ll stick with team ScarJo – she at least looked into it before she signed with SodaStream. I’ll take her word, and the word of the Palestinians who work there, over OXFAM’s any day

    SodaStream is nice for not schlepping around two liter bottles, or worse, cans. No, it won’t save one a ton of money, but I like the system. Same with Keurig – would rather pay a little more for quality and convenience, thanks.

  7. codewalla commented on Signe Wilkinson 8 months ago

    Republicans are Coke, Democrats are Pepsi. Drink your fill of your favorite, rant about “the other guys” all you want, but either way it’s coming out pisswater in the end. Enjoy your beverage and try not to wet yourself

  8. codewalla commented on Matt Bors 8 months ago

    Pity the poor billionaires. They did have their federal income tax rate raised to 39.3%

    Their income taxes for 2013 were recently calculated by their armies of accountants, and they’re pissed — so out come the martyr complexes: “My executive assistant had to write a slightly larger check to the IRS this year – it’s just like when Hitler went on a murder rampage!”

    Hear that high-pitched whining? That’s all the personal jets flying off to third world countries to escape from socialism. Adios, bitches

  9. codewalla commented on Signe Wilkinson 8 months ago

    “The gun has been called the great equalizer” (Reagan, many others)

    Lost your job? Equalize things out at work. Feel picked on? Equalize things out at school. Inconvenienced at the theater? Equalizer has you covered

    Since we’re such an inegalitarian society, it only makes sense people will pick up their best tool to even things back out. It’s logical and fair. The 2nd amendment and the NRA are hardly relevant targets, so to speak

  10. codewalla commented on Clay Bennett 12 months ago

    @pcolli – the ACA (Affordable Care Act) AKA Obamacare is nothing like the NHS

    the new, not-so-universal healthcare system in the US will be split between increasing existing govt programs (medicare, medicaid for elderly and poor) and new regulations for private insurance. the least popular aspect of ACA is the mandate for everyone not in medicare/medicaid to buy into private insurance or face a fine. also unpopular, more poor people will be covered by a modest increase in govt programs, plus subsidies given for the poor to buy private insurance

    so, it’s complicated…