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  1. Hermione4Ever commented on Poorly Drawn Lines almost 3 years ago


  2. Hermione4Ever commented on PreTeena almost 3 years ago

    Oh no…

  3. Hermione4Ever commented on Big Nate almost 3 years ago

    First comment!
    Bad kids! Very very bad kids!

  4. Hermione4Ever commented on PreTeena almost 3 years ago

    Well, yeah, I was kind of sceptic about that. I am very gullible, and will believe most anything you tell me. I read that somewhere a while back. Oops!

  5. Hermione4Ever commented on PreTeena almost 3 years ago

    Whoa… With her hair neat Stick looks just like me!

  6. Hermione4Ever commented on PreTeena almost 3 years ago

    Actually, I did look at the facts. Ever since first grade I have been researching global warming (though my research might not have been very accurate back then :p) and I have looked at PLENTY of facts. I have gone to numerous websites, read countless books, and even asked multiple people of their opinions about global warming. After all the essays I have written, all the time that I have extended, I find your comment slightly offensive.

  7. Hermione4Ever commented on PreTeena almost 3 years ago

    I can rant for hours, about global warming, and I will! (okay, so more like minutes, but thats besides the point)
    We humans messed up. Big time. Way back in the 1200s we were cutting down trees without a care in the world. Our rivers were polluted with trash and sewage, but we didn’t care. America was once a beautiful, lush place, but that is no more.
    If our ancestors could look into the future and see us now, they’d be horrified. We have only one place to live (for now anyway), and that is Earth. We are wasting our resources, and turning the skies gray.
    During the industrial revolution things got even worse. We got showers, machines, and other things, that while useful, just made us lazier and wasted energy. However, the worst of the inventions was the car. Cars pollute the air, waste gas, and are helping ruin the world.
    Sometimes, people don’t believe that global warming is real because they don’t know what it is. Basically, our pollution is creating green house gasses. The green house gasses go up to the atmosphere and sort of start working their way through it. At the same time, the suns rays shine onto the earth. You knew that, right? Well, what you may not know is that only some of this heat gets through the atmosphere. This gives us our ordinary climate. However, when the greenhouse gasses mess up the atmosphere they let more heat to get in, warming up our planet and causing havoc.
    Remember superstorm Sandy last year? Were any of you there? If you were, than you know how terrifying it was. Massive flooding, destroyed houses, high winds, the storm of the CENTURY. I’ll give you a hint, the keyword in that sentence is century. If storms like that happened every year, our country would be a wreck, not to mention in some serious debt. Aren’t we so lucky? Well, we would be, if it wasn’t for global warming! Global warming is making our storms more and more severe. If we continue to pollute, earthquakes will become higher on the scale, there will be more severe thunderstorms, tornados will cause more damage than you can imagine, and superstorms will be expected. Anyone wishing that they’d walked to school today?
    Ooh, and lets not forget those fireballs! Yes, I said fireballs! Oh, that sounded wrong. But anyway, fireballs are just what they sound like- massive balls of fire that fall from the sky and kill you. Sounds like something out of a science fiction story, doesn’t it? Now, I know what you’re thinking- this isn’t going to happen for maybe 500 or so years. Well, if my psychic abilities were right, then you are wrong! Something like this could happen easily if our planet just warms up by 4-6 degrees! 4-6 degrees! 4-6 itty bitty degrees! So do us all a favor, and carpool today.
    So we’ve talked about fire balls, what else is there? Oh yes, dehydration! And believe me, being dehydrated is no fun at all. Once at a summer camp I got only slightly dehydrated and I almost passed out. Now imagine that, but on a scale of millions of people, all evacuating their town, because there is no more fresh water. There nearest water could be 125 miles away. I bet you wouldn’t want that to happen to you, would you? That’s just one more reason why we have to stop global warming.
    Okay, one more huge disaster left. Since it will be hotter, the polar ice and greenland will begin to melt. Scientists have actually been debating about which one will go first. But anyway, when the ice melts, we’ll have way more water on our planet. And yes, we can still have a drought with a surplus of water- the water will only get to some places. The water will raise the sea level. No biggie, right? No, it’s a huge biggie. With higher water levels, parts of the east coast will be totally underwater, Florida with be no more, and we’ll say goodbye to Hawaii. With the worlds population constantly decreasing, do you really think that it is a good idea for millions of people to be forced to leave their homes? I didn’t think so.
    Okay, fine, there’s still some gloom n’ doom left, but I promise that the next paragraph will be happier. Okay so this one is about starvation. What in the world, your probably thinking. What does starvation have to do with global warming? Well, I’ll tell you. It starts of with the plants, things like grass and veggies. They can’t survive in this heat, so they die away. We humans can adapt though, and just eat meat. While we’re happily eating our new, unhealthy diets, the herbivores are dying. We still don’t care, we’ll just eat other animals! Well, those animals are now dying because their food source, the herbivores, and- uh oh- we have nothing left to eat! Now we worry, but it’s to late, and we all starve.
    Now, I bet that you don’t really wan’t a fireball to fall on your head, your town left without any water or food, or you house to be covered in water. You’d so anything to keep that from happening. Well, what if the only way to stop that is to ride your bike instead of drive, or give up your tv? You wouldn’t, would you? Well, that’s the problem. We humans have a chance to save the planet, but so far we’re wasting it. However, there still is hope. Maybe carpool today, or buy a recycling bin (actually, you could reuse an old box instead). Try taking a bath instead of a shower, and turn of the water while you brush your teeth. Buy a more energy efficient car, or raise awareness about global warming (what I’m trying to do now). There are so many things that you can do to save our planet, even if you’re just a kid!
    Go to globalwarming.barrens.nl for more info.
    My apologies if you don’t believe in global warming, and I offended you.
    Sorry if there’s a lot of spelling errors.

  8. Hermione4Ever commented on Big Nate almost 3 years ago

    No! Suspense! Arggggggg!

  9. Hermione4Ever commented on Big Nate almost 3 years ago

    Uh oh!

  10. Hermione4Ever commented on PreTeena almost 3 years ago

    Finally, someone who knows the difference between a geek and a nerd! Liking video games doesn’t make you nerd! Actually, at my old school they called a girl a nerd because she didn’t like video games.