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  1. Nobody_Important commented on Poptropica about 12 hours ago

    I think it is! I was going to ask that as well.

  2. Nobody_Important commented on Eric the Circle about 12 hours ago

    He used the name Loius as a cover in case his discoveries were not as great as he hoped – if they turned out well then he used Louis! :-)

  3. Nobody_Important commented on Savage Chickens about 12 hours ago

    Question Mr. Savage – when were you here in the house to witness/observe my Foster? This is him to a tee! Although in his defense, his meals are at set times as he is diabetic and gets his insulin shot when he is done eating. (he is also a flame-point which adds to the volume aspect!)

  4. Nobody_Important commented on Rose is Rose about 12 hours ago

    Maybe the whale and the elephant are there together!
    Ah, to live in Mimi world! It seems like such a wonderful place!

  5. Nobody_Important commented on For Better or For Worse about 12 hours ago

    Actually, I think Brian listened to everything Mr. Warren said whereas all the others stopped listening after they heard the words Halloween Party.

  6. Nobody_Important commented on Poptropica 1 day ago

    Let’s hope his swimming skills are lacking……

  7. Nobody_Important commented on Savage Chickens 1 day ago

    Now if you make an audio version if that you will be set for life!

  8. Nobody_Important commented on Poptropica 2 days ago

    Point taken – and no, I can’t say I have ever been on a yacht let alone tried to start one.

  9. Nobody_Important commented on Poptropica 3 days ago

    Am I being too rational if I suggest they start the motor at this point?

  10. Nobody_Important commented on Savage Chickens 3 days ago

    There is a book titles How to Worry – you mean I’ve been worrying all wrong all these years???