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  1. LobosSolos commented on Lio 22 days ago

    Where’s C-3PO? He loves a good oil bath.

  2. LobosSolos commented on Brewster Rockit 25 days ago

    Yes, yes it did used to be a little bit closer. It’s slowly but surely leaving us.

  3. LobosSolos commented on Calvin and Hobbes 26 days ago

    Meh, wings aren’t worth the trouble.

  4. LobosSolos commented on Overboard 26 days ago

    Hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda and some dish soap.

  5. LobosSolos commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    It’s not like he’ll remember anyway. Goldfish only have a three second memory.

  6. LobosSolos commented on Garfield about 1 month ago

    I think it’s also called a “Why Bother”

  7. LobosSolos commented on Garfield about 1 month ago

    Yes, it usually is, but since it involves getting out of bed and this is a family strip then they did a two fer.

  8. LobosSolos commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    Except for the fact that BC and Wizard of Id have an artist in common, so it’s easy for them to do a crossover between the two.

  9. LobosSolos commented on Brewster Rockit about 1 month ago

    Maxim 3: An ordinance technician at a dead run outranks everybody.

  10. LobosSolos commented on B.C. about 1 month ago

    As I remember from my high school senior year anatomy and physiology class, there really is more than one way to skin a cat.