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  1. AtariDragon commented on Off the Mark about 16 hours ago

    In Greek mythology, Atlas did not hold up the Earth; he stood on the Earth and held up the sky. He was later turned to stone and became the Atlas mountains.

  2. AtariDragon commented on Agnes 5 days ago

    In campus politics, I was the head of the Cynic/Lethargic Coalition — the students who were either too lazy to vote or who figured it wouldn’t matter anyway. At least, I assumed myself to be the head of it, and no one cared enough to tell me otherwise.

  3. AtariDragon commented on Fred Basset 5 days ago

    Also, that DOES appear to be a chocolate-chip cookie. It’s probably not enough chocolate to be a problem for Fred, but it might be for Yorky.

  4. AtariDragon commented on Fred Basset 5 days ago

    I thought Brits always called cookies “biscuits”.

  5. AtariDragon commented on Bound and Gagged 16 days ago

    @DW — It depends which wall they are digging under.

  6. AtariDragon commented on The Duplex 18 days ago

    Try, “Ich bin ein J├Ągermeister.”

  7. AtariDragon commented on Agnes 20 days ago

    Now, Agnes, PUSH HER OFF.

  8. AtariDragon commented on The Fusco Brothers 20 days ago

    He’s counting on them also being upidstay.

  9. AtariDragon commented on Pearls Before Swine 20 days ago

    The residents could make up for the noise by charging people to park on their lawns. That’s the way it used to be around Legion Field when Alabama used to play some home games there.

  10. AtariDragon commented on Agnes 21 days ago

    “Out of the eater came forth meat, and out of the strong came forth sweetness.”
    Judges 14:14