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  1. AtariDragon commented on Agnes 3 days ago

    Wait a minute — that’s Hillary’s presidential platform!

  2. AtariDragon commented on The Duplex 3 days ago

    “But you may cut his blubber up
    And melt it down for oil,
    And so replace the colza bean
    (A product of the soil).

    “These facts should all be noted down
    And ruminated on,
    By every boy in Oxford town
    Who wants to be a Don.”

  3. AtariDragon commented on Overboard 18 days ago

    So if a slug takes steroids, he can levitate while holding 2 boomerangs?

  4. AtariDragon commented on Reality Check 18 days ago

    Unless, maybe, his name is Minnyminnymorack or Follermalinska (both of which are excellent names for dogs), that is no password at all.

  5. AtariDragon commented on Cornered 18 days ago

    Is this the bar exam that Bill Clinton passed?

  6. AtariDragon commented on Overboard 18 days ago

    The kind of breeders who charge $2k for a puppy have ruined many breeds of dog. Go with a rescue instead.

  7. AtariDragon commented on Pearls Before Swine 18 days ago

    Is that supposed to be a beard, or an Elizabethan ruffled collar? I thought it was supposed to indicate he now thought he was Shakespeare.

  8. AtariDragon commented on Reality Check 19 days ago

    “buy”, not “by”

  9. AtariDragon commented on Reality Check 19 days ago

    Fair enough, but each medium has its place. Camera phone pictures won’t last forever, nannynew says; but then neither will Polaroids, besides which maybe 0.01% of camera phone pictures are worth keeping for more than one week. As for books, well, not every book is THE BROTHERS KARAMAZOV. WINDOWS 8 FOR DUMMIES will be obsolete before the DVD; there is no conceivable reason to by such a book on high-quality, acid-free paper so that your grandkids can enjoy it in decades to come. The vast majority of books are fluff, or evil (yes, there are evil books), or on a topic which makes them obsolete after a few years. (Any textbook on astronomy suffers this last fate due to the pace of discovery.)

  10. AtariDragon commented on Momma 21 days ago

    Sorry, Harry, but the ship sailed on that one a long time ago — about 800 years ago, apparently.