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  1. AtariDragon commented on Scary Gary about 14 hours ago

    He must be part-time help at Captain Dagon’s House of Fish.

  2. AtariDragon commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 months ago

    Please accept this in the spirit in which it is offered, but ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!! I liked this strip before, but, DANG! — getting Bill Watterson to contribute is a real testimony. Stephan Pastis, I salute you!!!

  3. AtariDragon commented on The Duplex 3 months ago

    “A One that is not cold, is scarcely. a One at all.” — Strong Bad

  4. AtariDragon commented on Overboard 3 months ago

    If we ignore that this is cartoon physics, he’d have to be flipping the burgers almost 200 ft high, and they’d have a downward velocity of more than 76 mph when he caught them. Don’t try that at home!

  5. AtariDragon commented on The Fusco Brothers 3 months ago

    Never go to bread hungry?
    Never go to beat Hungary?

  6. AtariDragon commented on Strange Brew 4 months ago

    Sorry, exoticdoc2. I’m no fan of Obama, but we first started hearing about these snooping programs under George W. Bush. Big Brother is bipartisan.

  7. AtariDragon commented on Reality Check 4 months ago

    Sort of like the British Government investigated and cleared itself of any responsibility for Diana’s death.

  8. AtariDragon commented on Agnes 5 months ago

    A better word for St. HIldegard would be polymath.

  9. AtariDragon commented on Agnes 5 months ago

    @rshive — Agnes has the right feet to fill big shoes.

  10. AtariDragon commented on Agnes 5 months ago

    St. Hildegard von Bingen has recently been named a Doctor of the Church. Only 35 Doctors have been proclaimed, and Hildegard is only the 4th woman to be proclaimed a Doctor.