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  1. $$i9 commented on FoxTrot Classics 6 days ago

    I’ll bet he can even spit into the wind.

  2. $$i9 commented on Doonesbury 18 days ago

    Yep, the First Amendment give us all the right to lie through our teeth, particularly when making a buck is involved.

  3. $$i9 commented on Doonesbury 19 days ago

    Many, I mean many, of those in the film industry, and likely TV as well, aren’t straight. They’re actors. And maybe that is a contributing factor, that they’ve had hide it so well. Who would have guessed that Rock Hudson, Errol Flynn, and seemingly countless other weren’t straight?

  4. $$i9 commented on Doonesbury 20 days ago

    In high school there was a fellow, a year ahead of me, with the name, “Gaye.” And there’s author Gay Talese, now in his 80s. Chances are we won’t see that name for awhile.

  5. $$i9 commented on Bloom County 20 days ago

    Thanks for the clarification.

  6. $$i9 commented on Bloom County 21 days ago

    I thought First was the right to free speech, thus the right to also remain silent. The Fifth means one doesn’t have to incriminate oneself.

  7. $$i9 commented on Shoe 22 days ago

    I remember Marceau;s part in “Silent Movie.” I thought it was clever.

  8. $$i9 commented on Non Sequitur 22 days ago

    Maybe if we would stop watching the TV, watching all those repeating ads which say to us, “You feel…”, we would feel better. When people hear something over and over, they begin to believe, regardless of truth.

  9. $$i9 commented on For Better or For Worse 26 days ago

    Interactive TV? Wish most kids (and adults) had the sense to walk away much more often.

  10. $$i9 commented on FoxTrot Classics 26 days ago

    @John Powe
    Funny! I choose not take take that as insult. In fact, we jarheads are not quite as dumb as we may seem to be. If ever there was a “dumb” service it is the Army, with the lowest standards of recruitment policies. USMC, the dep’t of the Navy.