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  1. Diat60 commented on The Other End 1 day ago

    Boy, is he getting his dinner burned tonight!

  2. Diat60 commented on Candorville 1 day ago

    Oh, I see. What I thought was Vancouver’s side of the conversation was actually Lemont’s thoughts.

  3. Diat60 commented on Endtown 1 day ago

    Well, this seems a bit of an anticlimax. All that suffering, uncertainty and angst to land back in a living room? Will we ever get back to Endtown?

  4. Diat60 commented on Candorville 2 days ago

    I thought it was Vancouver who had to phone interview with Trump?

  5. Diat60 commented on Starling 2 days ago

    Who knew being a Superhero could be so darned inconvenient? She’ll have to emulate Superwoman and wear her costume under her clothes (very hot in summer though).

  6. Diat60 commented on Widdershins 2 days ago

    What was that brown tube Gren had on his back that Harry took?

  7. Diat60 commented on Ali's House 2 days ago

    Wax and dryers? NOT a good combination! And why would he put old socks in the dryer?

  8. Diat60 commented on Matt Bors 3 days ago

    I feel you’re being really really unfair to pigs here! (actually they’re very clean animals if left to themselves)

  9. Diat60 commented on Candorville 3 days ago

    We hear what we want to hear.

  10. Diat60 commented on Widdershins 3 days ago

    Harry to the rescue?