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  1. Diat60 commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    I think I’m enjoying these old strips more than the new!

  2. Diat60 commented on Scurvyville 22 days ago

    Skeptical but cautious nevertheless.

  3. Diat60 commented on Poptropica 26 days ago

    This is a great new comic, good story line and art! I look forward to it every day.

  4. Diat60 commented on Scurvyville about 1 month ago

    This is a VERY disturbing strip! I like it.

  5. Diat60 commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    I’m doing a second read through too. What ever happened to those two? The memory isn’t what it used to be!

  6. Diat60 commented on Endtown 2 months ago

    I’ve become so engrossed in Endtown and its denizens that it’s come as a real shock to hear of Mr. Neathery’s illness. Do so hope he’ll be fit and well and back to his drawing board in no time. This is truly upsetting.

  7. Diat60 commented on Scurvyville 2 months ago

    Anyone missing in town? Or parts of anyone?

  8. Diat60 commented on Endtown 2 months ago

    Maybe Jim will be the worm that turns and put Sarah in her place.

  9. Diat60 commented on Ballard Street 3 months ago

    Actually most dogs LOVE apples, so now we’re down to the paper bag!

  10. Diat60 commented on Today's Dogg 3 months ago

    Someone looking for a 3/8 wrench is gonna get a heck of a surprise!