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  1. Faxon commented on Clay Jones 2 days ago

    Metaphor for Obamacare

  2. Faxon commented on Frazz 8 days ago

    Don’t bump into the kid that drowned at Ocean Beach last Wednesday.

  3. Faxon commented on Scary Gary 10 days ago

    I don’t know why, but this strip is really growing on me.

  4. Faxon commented on Pooch Cafe 11 days ago

    Thank you Lagunitas India Pale Ale.

  5. Faxon commented on Nick Anderson 14 days ago

    You folks can whine all you want. The Constitution, and the Supreme Court, have nullified all your bellyaching. Try and change the Constitution. Good luck with that. Thank you, NRA members, for pushing back against all the sissies who don’t think I have a right to defend myself from the animals in the Bay Area and the world.

  6. Faxon commented on Twaggies 15 days ago

    Homeless people should be rounded up and put into barracks surrounded with barbed wire.

  7. Faxon commented on Pooch Cafe 20 days ago

    This is my favorite dog, and Rat is my favorite rat.

  8. Faxon commented on Pearls Before Swine 26 days ago

    My girlfriend is watching the series now. My son and I already saw it. We are up to the episode where Skyler sees Ted is cooking the books. My GF says, “There’s nothing wrong with Ted” (the Beneke guy).

    My son said, “Not yet”.
    I cracked up.

  9. Faxon commented on Pearls Before Swine 26 days ago

    I work for ABC Television in the news dept as a photographer. I never watch television, especially not ABC. However, somebody convinced me to watch BB on Netflix, and I must say, it is the best thing I have seen on television since The Twilight Zone series in the 60s. Period. It wil be hard to equal.

  10. Faxon commented on Pooch Cafe 30 days ago

    I mentioned the posters a few weeks ago during the saga.