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  1. MontanaMade commented on F Minus over 2 years ago

    Or- is the “rest of the world” backwards…?

  2. MontanaMade commented on Dark Side of the Horse over 2 years ago

    try going to a Walmart on Black friday at 5am in south Philly!!

  3. MontanaMade commented on The Flying McCoys almost 3 years ago

    NOW who’s heartless??!

  4. MontanaMade commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    @ dtroutma said
    “The bigger problem for Americans is Cruz. Boehner, Cantor, et al "

    ummm… if it weren’t for these and others- we wouldn’t be having this discussion!! They made sleeping Americans wake up and start looking at the mess that was caused! You should be grateful for them and a whole bunch of new GOPer’s that are coming in 2014 when the nation turns on the dems that caused debacle!

    “gotta pass it before you can know what’s in it!” idiots…

    the Lofovos* are waking up and they don’t like what they see…

    *Low Info Voters

  5. MontanaMade commented on Ben Sargent almost 3 years ago

    @Adrian Snare
    you of course have all kinds of evidence of the hatred the Tea PARTY members (tea bagging is a gay term which is a little disgusting…) espouses that I am SURE you would be willing to share with the rest of the group??
    yeah, I thought so. See, the left makes this claim- but it’s a select few that do that and most, if not all, have been found out to be plants from Media-Matters or some other leftist group. The remaining few are castigated and tossed by the Tea Party themselves.
    Compare, if you want to, the Tea Party to the Occupy mobs and see which were decent and law abiding and which were… well, not.

  6. MontanaMade commented on Michael Ramirez almost 3 years ago

    @Radish- The GOP are upset because the Left took such a heavy handed and grossly over-killed approach to a much smaller problem! It’s a little like blowing up the house to get rid of the mouse. The only reason it’s law is because it’s a new tax!

    They should have dealt with the problem- which was get insurance to those who either cannot afford it or cannot get it- period, but instead we get a massive new tax that will tank the economy- it’s already happening.

  7. MontanaMade commented on Michael Ramirez almost 3 years ago

    The difference Wolf- is that on 9/11- there was really no warning- unless you’re a “truther” (and insane to boot). With Benghazi- there was almost 14 HOURS that they were begging for help that was only 2 hours away- and the POTUS did NOTHING- repeat- NOTHING about it- he cost 4 people their lives and he could have prevented it.

    to Quipss- wow… those are probably the WORST excuses I have ever read- at least the sycophants on the left make better ones than those- that’s a really pathetic attempt at excusing the worst POTUS in our nation’s history- including Carter… and that is a tough feat indeed!

  8. MontanaMade commented on Rabbits Against Magic almost 3 years ago

    The ORIGINAL Handlebar Moustache- what’s not hip about THAT??

  9. MontanaMade commented on Adam@Home almost 3 years ago

    OOOoooo…wow, tough choice! Kidney? or Godzilla Costume?

    uuuhhhhmmmm… I’m going with…

  10. MontanaMade commented on Rabbits Against Magic almost 3 years ago

    does this mean that “Art looks like Trash & Trash looks like Art”?

    vicious cycle…