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  1. berroci commented on Peanuts 12 months ago

    As Beethoven would say, “Es beginnt”

  2. berroci commented on Pickles 12 months ago

    Hmm, so the day when the last Fokker CX in military service crashed, and the day after the arrest of Andreas Baader, must somehow be really important for him.

  3. berroci commented on Real Life Adventures 12 months ago

    John Stanley used the same joke in a Woody Woodpecker strip:


  4. berroci commented on Pluggers 12 months ago

    From the expression on the plugger’s face, it seems like something else must be freshening the air.

  5. berroci commented on Herb and Jamaal 12 months ago

    Both yesterday’s and today’s Herb and Jamaal have been genuinely funny.

    If tomorrow’s is too, I’m really going to start to worry.

  6. berroci commented on Herb and Jamaal about 1 year ago

    This is the first funny Herb and Jamaal I’ve seen in a while.

  7. berroci commented on Pluggers about 1 year ago

    Wouldn’t the plugger “concealed carry” be concealed carry itself?