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  1. sylverdrag commented on Momma about 1 month ago

    Who doesn’t like a nice win-win scenario?

  2. sylverdrag commented on Rudy Park about 1 month ago

    It’s a matter of quantity. 33lb of minerals and a bit of toxic sounds bad, but it enables you to read the sunday paper for years without paper… according to a recycling website, 500,000 trees are cut for every weekly run of all Sunday newspapers.

    Say “thank you”, tree. Rudy’s right on that one.

  3. sylverdrag commented on Big Nate 7 months ago

    Right in one!

  4. sylverdrag commented on Momma 7 months ago

    That red ball’s looking at us and rolling its eyes!

  5. sylverdrag commented on Pearls Before Swine 7 months ago

    4 lousy lines? not even worth getting started!

  6. sylverdrag commented on Andy Capp 8 months ago

    In vivo observation of the specimen in his natural environment – what’s the doc complaining about?

  7. sylverdrag commented on Dilbert Classics 9 months ago

    Sooo true!

  8. sylverdrag commented on Andy Capp 9 months ago

    Since when is being reliable a bad thing?

  9. sylverdrag commented on Betty 10 months ago

    Tell them to call me!

  10. sylverdrag commented on Candorville 10 months ago

    Sick and tired of this nonsense:

    First, Obamacare is a huge document covering hundreds of issues, including 20 new taxes (or increases on existing taxes), several of which go straight to the pockets of drug manufacturers, violates a number of existing privacy laws and overrides several patient rights.

    You keep promoting Obamacare and ridicule people who oppose it, but Have you read the 2,700 pages of that act? Failing that, have at least checked out the summarized versions? Do YOU even know what the F* Obamacare is?

    Obamacare is NOT about caring for people’s health. It’s not. It’s about putting money in the pockets of the companies who financed his campaign and packaging tons of laws with wide ranging effects on your privacy and rights under the banner of “Health care”.

    Just because it says “health care” on the top doesn’t mean the content is really about keeping people healthy. What’s inside those 2700 pages also matters.

    Second, “mental health” providers have never proven they could in any way alleviate crimes or detect criminals. In fact, it is a matter of public record that most of the serious, “what monster could do that?” crimes have been committed by people ALREADY years into a mental health program.

    And before you say “oh but these guys were already crazy so therefore…” think for a second.

    Mental health providers have been given huge budgets to work on rehabilitating criminals in jails around the world, with salaries reaching half a million (not including “extras”). Where the F* are the results? Recidivism rates are through the * roof.

    The most generous conclusion is that whatever they are doing doesn’t NOT work.

    And simple logic should tell you that in the first place. Drug use and violent crimes have been reliably linked for decades. Our so-called “mental health” system main method of dealing with potential criminals is to sell them hard drugs with a tax stamp.

    In the last 15 years, the US jail population has gone from 400k to 2 million. And every time things get worse, the answer is “Oh, this is bad. We need more money”. And they get it.