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  1. jack75287 commented on Last Kiss about 2 hours ago

    They both like her a little.

  2. jack75287 commented on Views of the World about 2 hours ago

    Well he is the one that can afford his own airliner.

  3. jack75287 commented on Jerry Holbert about 2 hours ago

    Amen on this one!

  4. jack75287 commented on Gary Varvel about 2 hours ago

    I just hope Hilary Screeches like she did on that Union clip.

  5. jack75287 commented on Views of the World 1 day ago

    Wow that must make you feel warm and tingly inside. Thing is, it is the Christians that are facing Genocide in Syria. Try and think about that please. Yes they are bad actors but admiration of Hitler in the Middle East is nothing new, Baathist are the same way. Also took a quick look at Wikipedia shows, only their founder was a Christians and the CIA fact book says that Christians represent only about 10% of the population, so how much of a threat can they be?
    So when Genocide is involved and you are attacking the victim who sounds like a Nazi.

  6. jack75287 commented on John Deering 1 day ago

    OK, I got to say, I agree and disagree on points of the above three posts today. Don’t know where to begins so instead of a diatribe, two or three quick points.
    1. You can’t stop cops from presenting warrants like they were doing in N.C, they have responsibilities, want to get rid of the cops fine, lets look at parts of the world where they have no police or week police. In Africa they have War Lords, sorry don’t want that.
    2. People have rights, you can’t tell them to stop or start anything that disagree with those rights, not with out a law being passed. After all you can’t yell fire in a crowded theater and when I was an Military Police if I saw a bag of weed in a car, I could break, enter, seize and process the evidence. This includes Second Amendment rights.
    3. Black Lives Matter is in itself a racist organization, say Blue Lives Matter or All Lives Matter look how they react.

  7. jack75287 commented on Bloom County 2016 1 day ago

    Dad you raised a Ding Bat kid and who has Ding bat friends. Because you are a Ding Bat.

  8. jack75287 commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    Wow, it was Christains facing genocide in Syria, it was Christians that helped muslims in Iraq, Cosovo, Kuwait. Bigot much.

  9. jack75287 commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    Reich Wing bad taste boy.

  10. jack75287 commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    Ok no one said the name would defeat them, we said the name is defining the enemy which is the first step.