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  1. jack75287 commented on Mike Lester about 10 hours ago

    Oh and even Obama said they have increased funding.

  2. jack75287 commented on Mike Lester about 10 hours ago

    Trout I have often said you lie about being a veteran. Their has been no cut in Vets benefits, this is from fact checker, if anything it is left wing:
    2009:$97.7 billion;

    2010:$127.2 billion;

    2011: $125.5 billion;

    2012: $126.8 billion;

    2013: $139.1 billion;

    2014: $153.8 billion;

    2015: $163.9 billion.

  3. jack75287 commented on Mike Lester about 10 hours ago

    It’s not the staffing, they have plenty of people. The VA told the hospital Detective in Dallas to stop starting drug cases, he was arresting and starting new cases everyday. It is corruption.

  4. jack75287 commented on Mike Lester about 15 hours ago

    You know this is great, two failed government programs in the news, VA lines and TSA lines. Almost like a pattern here!

  5. jack75287 commented on Bloom County 2015 about 19 hours ago

    Let’s go back to the part about a Wood Chipper!

  6. jack75287 commented on Mike Lester about 19 hours ago

    As bad as the TSA. Government at its finest.

  7. jack75287 commented on Steve Breen about 19 hours ago

    Ha Ha!

  8. jack75287 commented on Jerry Holbert about 19 hours ago

    I thought that was the VA.

  9. jack75287 commented on Henry Payne about 19 hours ago

    That’s right folks, the government won’t stop till you health care lines are at least as long as the VA.

  10. jack75287 commented on Gary Varvel about 19 hours ago

    I can’t believe the guy said that, first it is true what Stipple said, Disney does compile every metric, how much water used, how much electricity, how much flower, pork, chicken, beef, sugar, lard, gasoline, wear on maintenance equipment, hours worked, over time worked, hours missed, the list can go on for ever.
    Not only will Disney measure how long people are in line, they can break it down into 1/2 hour to 1/4 hour intervals. So any time of day Disney can tell you how long the line will be for what time of year, for what ride or venue. My call center does the same thing, I will pull a report today breaking down how many calls will come into the 1/2 hour, and I can pull four more reports, put it in an excel sheet and bring it down to a lot more accurate than that.
    This shows you how separated government is from common business or what it takes to run one. It takes work, harder than most government employees can understand.