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  1. sukiec commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    Ah, the aroma of well aged dairy air…

  2. sukiec commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 2 days ago

    Or perhaps the story has its origins in friendship…

  3. sukiec commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 3 days ago

    I love the colors, especially in the last panel, the fedora w the press pass like from the 1930s, and the misaligned mandible on the nag in the sign! Okay, I truly enjoy much more, but those details really got me.

  4. sukiec commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 4 days ago

    LOL! When in the city I have often seen such artists working in NYC through the decades. Many thanks for capturing one. This one seems to either be working from imagination or is seeing what is inside some worrisome passers-by.

  5. sukiec commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 6 days ago

    Just a little URL gift for those who need a KM fix, but have never seen Counter Culture:


  6. sukiec commented on Stuart Carlson 19 days ago

    Reduction of the Middle Class is economically the most destabilizing factor that can occur.

    I like that this plays also on the period in the Ancient Roman Empire (which had a series of different political forms in practice over time) when the number of votes a male citizen had was based upon that citizen’s worth. (At some other points Political Party had a different meaning then since there would be large neighborhood parties thrown by some candidates to get votes.)

  7. sukiec commented on Luann 21 days ago

    Sometimes the best wedding stories come from what went wrong. We were wed by a state Supreme Court judge who turned up at our early afternoon wedding drunk as a skunk and rushed through our ceremony so fast that one invited couple arrived just as we were kissing. Decades later it still makes us laugh.

  8. sukiec commented on Lost Side of Suburbia 23 days ago

    We all get to have both with Kory’s work! Doubly treated! Sometimes our guesses are right and other times we get to enjoy the surprises that come from seeing the wrong possible path. In science being wrong can often be the route to further learning and new ideas. In literature it also gives zest, just in different ways.
    CorBlymie wrote:
    Cor Blymie said, 25 minutes ago
    “There are two kinds of taste in the appreciation of imaginative literature: the taste for emotions of surprise and the taste for emotions of recognition.” ― Henry James

  9. sukiec commented on For Better or For Worse 27 days ago

    If the waitress’ behavior is based on her assumptions of sexual orientation, then that is itself a sad but all too real shame upon her. I love a man and am glad that I do, so I am not going to object to ANYONE else loving a man. After all these decades he still loves me and I am very honored and glad that he does, so I sure am not going to object to ANYONE loving a woman.

  10. sukiec commented on For Better or For Worse 27 days ago

    For those here who will appreciate it:
    “I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.”
    ― Rebecca West

    Squirrel, exactly about knowing both sides! Knowing the other side of the situation makes a big difference. We are not as flush as we once were but it takes a lot done wrong for us to tip less than 20%. In some situations w exceptional service we have tipped 30% or more. Another thing that gets to me is how many people assume that anyone doing things like waitressing, maid types of work, gardening, child care, homemaking, etc. must be [fit in HERE any of the choices of insults too many people use] despite the day to day importance of those jobs being done well and the challenges of those jobs which people who have not done them do not realize. In my group of friends the wives ARE more likely to have personal experience with the “other side of the coin” so are more inclined to tip well. In some other groups that will vary. Tipping well is not a gender trait. The point that there are women who tip well arose when some made the blanket statement that women tip badly.

    The best tipper I know is a woman and the best one she knew was a man. He left her a three figure tip on a slice of pizza when she was living hand to mouth trying to break into modeling. She still will ask the restaurant owners she knows if any of the waitstaff are having very hard times and if so will leave them tips well, well, well beyond the cost of her meal no matter what she ordered.

    Lifespan does not work into annual salaries. The 23% difference in income per gender holds, and if perks are worked in then the difference is a bit worse.

    Women living longer is partially hormonal, but there are studies showing that among retiree couples women usually do much more of the physical work like dusting, vacuuming, bed making, meal preparation, dish washing, straightening, etc. and that difference in time spent being physically active every single day perhaps adds up to as much as a few years of better survival, not only longer, but in better shape. I have heard young male gerontology experts (given that we are now seniors ourselves and still have some relatives in their 90s of the older generation so know too many such physicians) assert that the best health advance their male patients could have would be a more equal division of the daily physical household chores, and if they will not do that then men at least should sit much less and exercise more to make up the difference. In my high school class it is amazing how much more healthy most of the very physical class members apparently are compared to the rest, no matter their gender. Some just exercise, some already have very physical jobs, some DO share the day to day work more evenly. Either way, they help improve their quality and quantity of life.