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  1. daDoctah commented on Non Sequitur about 2 hours ago

    Well, you know what happens when you add Ted McGinley….

  2. daDoctah commented on Luann about 3 hours ago

    Did Gunther the Magnificent accidentally make himself disappear?

  3. daDoctah commented on Luann about 17 hours ago

    You oversnipped.
    I didn’t say Toni lied. I said a self-involved six-year-old might decide she lied. Anyone who doesn’t think that’ll happen has never met a self-involved six-year-old.

  4. daDoctah commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 1 day ago

    You’re safe from dinosaurs. But gazpacho can still get you.

  5. daDoctah commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 1 day ago

    Necktie: the only standard article of clothing for which the maker’s label serves a practical function (tucking the skinny end into so it doesn’t stick out to the side).

  6. daDoctah commented on Pickles 1 day ago

    The only help I need is would you please put it in the upper part of the basket where it all fit quite nicely when I brought it to the register? I don’t want to have to stand on my head to get it out of the cart when I get to my car.

  7. daDoctah commented on Luann 1 day ago

    Still waiting for the other shoe to drop. The one where Shannon decides that Aunt Toni lied to her about her father not showing up and made her cry. That’s going to leave some emotional marks.

  8. daDoctah commented on Kliban 2 days ago

    What Daylight Saving Time looks like to us here in Arizona.

  9. daDoctah commented on Too Much Coffee Man 2 days ago

    Hey, we already gave them the legs of all our conference room furniture! What else do they want?

  10. daDoctah commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 days ago

    Today’s strip was drawn by Billy, so Bil can take the day off. Wait, that’s a different comic….