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  1. daDoctah commented on F Minus about 9 hours ago

    “It all started when I was bitten by a radioactive donut.”

  2. daDoctah commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 3 days ago

    I am a visitor from the 5th Dimension. We’re putting on a reunion concert featuring all our hits: Wedding Bell Blues, One Less Bell To Answer, Up Up and Away, Stoned Soul Picnic….

  3. daDoctah commented on Kliban 4 days ago

    How many Buddhas does it take to change an enlightened bulb?

  4. daDoctah commented on Pickles 4 days ago

    Earl’s closer than he thinks. From Wikipedia: “Nicotinic acid and its amide nicotinamide are the common forms of the B-vitamin niacin”

  5. daDoctah commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 days ago

    Used to be a paint-n-wallpaper store near me called “Harry Green Wallcovering”. Disgusting name, to be sure, but not as bad as another office that still exists: “Loose Brown Attorneys”.

  6. daDoctah commented on Pickles 5 days ago

    Back in the day, we used to sing it this way:
    “You fill up my sinus
    With ragweed in summer
    With pollen in springtime
    Like a walk in the rain”….
    Funny how that last line can remain unaltered and it still works.

  7. daDoctah commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    Danae just needs to work a little on her delivery. It’s not “MONKEY STAMPEDE!”, it’s “is Monkey Stampede a real possibility? Find out tonight at 11pm”.

  8. daDoctah commented on Get Fuzzy 5 days ago

    Suddenly the feline fascination with laser pointers takes on a sinister subtext….

  9. daDoctah commented on Non Sequitur 6 days ago

    “Doesn’t matter whether I agree with you or not, you’re okay on Free Speech grounds. We may have some issues with the fire safety code, though.”

  10. daDoctah commented on F Minus 7 days ago

    I do most of my dining in the dining room, and at least some of my living in the living room. Practically all of my laundry in the laundry room.
    But I can’t remember a single time I used the drawing room for its intended purpose.