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  1. daDoctah commented on Kliban about 15 hours ago

    “I got no problem with this, but I draw the line if they start sending over green bean casserole.”

  2. daDoctah commented on Pickles about 15 hours ago

    Or you can just call 1-303-499-7111. If you have a shortwave radio it’s even easier.

  3. daDoctah commented on Pickles 1 day ago

    I’ve known people like that:

    “Can you drop me off at the airport on Wednesday?”

    “What?! Children are starving in the Third World and all you can think about is a ride to the airport?!”

  4. daDoctah commented on Drabble 1 day ago

    That Van Pelt kid’s been awfully quiet lately….

  5. daDoctah commented on Non Sequitur 3 days ago

    No, grouse is the past tense of grace.

  6. daDoctah commented on Pearls Before Swine 4 days ago

    I may be one of the few people on earth who has actually seen a sock disappear from a dryer. Door interlock on the laundromat machine not working so it didn’t stop when I opened it. Decided I could pull out the filter, sweep out the filter and return it and reclose the door with it running.
    Didn’t reckon with the suction that pulls the lint into that slot. With the filter out, a light blue argyle went right down and was consumed in the heating unit.

  7. daDoctah commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    For those who want the feeling to linger:


  8. daDoctah commented on Pickles 7 days ago

    Brown is the new black.

  9. daDoctah commented on Non Sequitur 7 days ago

    When they told me I was diabetic, I just figured “okay, so when I decide it’s time to check out, all I have to do is request a big bag of marshmallows.”

  10. daDoctah commented on Get Fuzzy 7 days ago

    7-Eleven isn’t called that because they’re open seven days a week, eleven hours a day. It’s because they’re open from seven am to eleven pm.
    Or at least they were when they got the name.
    One little old lady saw the sign for the first time and complained that inflation had even hit the old five-and-ten store.