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  1. cmknoer77 commented on Tank McNamara over 5 years ago

    Ouch, that one stung a little…. but the Bills will never leave Buffalo. We might not have the greatest record but we bleeep sure have the greatest fans.

  2. cmknoer77 commented on FoxTrot over 7 years ago

    bleeep i was going for first post with the answer…bill is getting lazy some of the letters he didn’t use have non-numeric answers

  3. cmknoer77 commented on The Academia Waltz almost 8 years ago

    yeah but its nowhere near as big as it used to be

  4. cmknoer77 commented on The Academia Waltz almost 8 years ago

    In case you’re lost in this storyline, the Longhorns (UT) and the Aggies (A&M) had a major rivalry back in those days.

    Heres the text because I’m sure someone will complain they can’t read it:

    Oh Aggies doest thou wonder too, That your faults lie deeper than stinky socks, And that when you mother gave birth to you, She suffered from the pox.

    But though you’ll think me tacky, I’ll suppose that it’s not rare, That for beneath your Army khaki, lies crotchless underwear.

    So Aggies lest from grace you fall, We’ll concede this if you let us; Your shaven domes are heads after all.. Though only ones of lettuce.