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  1. Enoki commented on Last Kiss 6 months ago

    Whatever it takes, she’s going to bed with him…

  2. Enoki commented on That is Priceless 6 months ago

    Here, let me straighten that toupee out for you…

  3. Enoki commented on TOBY 6 months ago

    Don’t worry dude, when it comes to shoe shopping that’s what women are for…

  4. Enoki commented on Jillpoke Bohemia 6 months ago

    Kieran, cell phone and 911…? Or, are you… Well, I guess you are…

  5. Enoki commented on Robert Ariail 6 months ago

    Ah! She learned something from Obama after all!

  6. Enoki commented on Rob Rogers 6 months ago

    Nah, Canada has only a fraction of the gun deaths the US has… and only a fraction of the population… Too bad those fractions end up pretty close to the same number of gun deaths per capita.
    After all, it isn’t like in Canada you can’t own a gun.

  7. Enoki commented on Joel Pett 6 months ago

    Substitute “solar” for “coal” and you have a truly delusional strip there!

  8. Enoki commented on Tom Toles 6 months ago

    Have faith. Obama has fouled up everything else he’s done in office, he’ll screw this up too.

  9. Enoki commented on Plastic Baby Heads from Outer Space 6 months ago

    You never know… Bloom County became Outland….

  10. Enoki commented on TOBY 6 months ago

    How does Morris afford an apartment that has at least a 50 foot dimension in Manhattan on a bartender’s wages?
    As for TOBY he wants to watch the movie as a training film…