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  1. ColininAus commented on Lisa Benson about 2 hours ago

    Wow Lisa. Do you really want to go there? Political donations? Um…

  2. ColininAus commented on Henry Payne about 2 hours ago

    That’s right. Obamacare is working. Iran wants peace and the economy is doing rather well. So your point Henry?

  3. ColininAus commented on Mike Lester 3 days ago

    Wow. Incomprehensible that Lester has no grasp of context. As for Michael wme… either congrats or wtf!

  4. ColininAus commented on Gary Varvel 6 days ago

    Boom. Well put.

  5. ColininAus commented on Chip Bok 6 days ago

    Exactly wnalie… I’m trying to comprehend the Republican/right world view. Stupid works.

  6. ColininAus commented on Robert Ariail 10 days ago

    This is what is puzzling. Republicans applaud those who have become rich through their own endeavours and the willingness of the free market to determine worth and value. But not Hillary. Those paying her fee are not forced to select her as their keynote speaker. Why is Hillary pilloried when, in accordance to conservative principles and philosophy, she is a living breathing success story. Living the dream. Remember the market decides.

  7. ColininAus commented on Glenn McCoy 14 days ago

    I grew up in a dictatorship… was a political refugee… built a life from very little… and I’m committed to social justice, environmental sustainability and social equality. I’m of ‘the left’. This pathetic depiction of those that thoughtfully engage in the complexities of life without simplistic bombast as chortling with delight over the most difficult of human issues is puerile and simply sad. What society to you live in Mr. McCoy? Can you deal with ambiguity and complexity?

  8. ColininAus commented on Chan Lowe 14 days ago


  9. ColininAus commented on Jack Ohman 21 days ago

    Brilliant. Succinctly captures how degraded the quality of ‘leadership’ has become.

  10. ColininAus commented on Steve Benson 25 days ago

    Everywhere in the USA is within walking distance. If you have the time. Except for Hawaii.