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  1. ColininAus commented on Michael Ramirez 10 days ago

    Whilst Trump cynically and deliberately obfuscates and lies – constant putting frosting on the his shit cake… knowing his ‘messaging’ falls into the bread and circuses domain… laughing with scorn and derision of his electorate… the right and alt right bang the drum of ‘lies and illness’ when referring to Hillary. So facile. Sad.

  2. ColininAus commented on Clay Bennett 11 days ago

    Clay Bennett exemplifies the best of cartoonist commentary and contribution. Brilliant.

  3. ColininAus commented on Darrin Bell 2 months ago

    You would be welcome. We had a Prime Minister recently who was an unmarried, childless, atheist, left leaning woman. Not a peep of complaint or vilification… only idealogical differences along party lines.

  4. ColininAus commented on Bob Gorrell 2 months ago

    Hello from Australia… it’s simply bewildering for us ‘down under’ to watch your electoral process… and how actual data, facts, are distorted, reframed or trumpsplained by right leaning media. Is it the same on your left friendly media, yes, however not as stark or as cynical. I watched Hannity and Gingrich unpack Trumps speech and it was bizarre. As for this toon… well dtroutma says it all.

  5. ColininAus commented on Darrin Bell 2 months ago

    Brilliant work Darrin.Captured the essence of this candidate and contextualised it. We in Australia are bewildered and concerned about the advent of this man.

  6. ColininAus commented on Nick Anderson 2 months ago

    Rendering skills. Applause. Idea? Applause.

  7. ColininAus commented on Nick Anderson 2 months ago

    Perfectly stated.

  8. ColininAus commented on Jack Ohman 3 months ago

    Perfectly expressed Jack. Gives pause…

  9. ColininAus commented on Mike Lester 3 months ago


  10. ColininAus commented on Clay Bennett 3 months ago

    Here in Australia, where we have strict gun laws, it would be inconceivable to fear a policeman stopping us for a traffic violation. Three months ago a policeman drew his weapon at a traffic incident and it made headlines across the country. We don’t fear going to public places. No-one carries guns save for the minute percentage of bad guys – however they don’t define our social reality. Most of us in the West find your gun laws and associated cycles of violence bewildering and sad.