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  1. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 20 days ago

    If you’re aiming to dehumanize yourself, you’re doing a fantastic job.

  2. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 20 days ago

    Last I heard, there are laws that keep us from going back to the corporate slavery of the 1880s. Only time will tell, but so far, I don’t see the need to repeat disastrous history when we’ve come so far in our progress towards recovery. As for rights, I can only give impressions of the situation, but you’re welcome to ask the currently persecuted how their rights are doing. Those I have asked told me they’re scared s**tless of what’s coming.

  3. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 21 days ago

    What would Hillary have done to you if she was elected?

  4. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 21 days ago

    As opposed to someone and his followers who set out to ruin the rights and freedoms to live safely of people who don’t fit his agenda, such as multiple ethnic groups, women, people with disabilities, and so on, and they did this through national television and social media which are more effective marketing methods than signs on lawns? Cardboard yard signs that were stolen or vandalized can be replaced, but lives damaged by the actions and rhetoric of Donald Trump and his followers will take far longer to repair. I don’t see you respecting other people’s opinions nor demonstrating your capability to think for yourself. I also cannot respect the opinion you expressed in your comment because you made it clear that you value cheap property more than the well being of those who share this country with you, and I find that to be disgusting. You would do well to follow your own advice on growing up.

  5. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 28 days ago

    What Democrat lawmakers abandoned Clinton? Cite sources, please.

  6. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 28 days ago

    I can see why you’re an adamant Trump supporter. Your detestable and immature remarks show that you don’t concern yourself with proven facts and that you would rather bask in the fabrications that pad your comfort zone, much like Donald Trump himself. You’re quick to label others as “hypocrites” and “racists” before anyone applies those labels to you with the very good chance such labels are more appropriate for you than they are for those you despise, much like Donald Trump himself. You used to refer to Hillary Clinton as “Cankles” and now you refer to her as “Skankles” which demonstrates your lack of respect for women, much like Donald Trump himself. I don’t know what happened that made you this way, but you have shown us that you’re not strong enough to be called “Nate of Wet Paper” let alone “Nate of Steel”.

  7. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 28 days ago

    I FOLLOW THE MONEY and it goes right to the Clinton Foundation!!

    Better than going to the Trump Foundation which he used to pay his legal fees and a portrait of himself.

  8. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 29 days ago

    What about the vile and despicable actions of the Democrat candidate?

    What about them? What she has done that has been PROVEN to be so vile and despicable?I’m tired of this incessant desire for false equivalency, where the bar has been lowered so far for Donald Trump that the friggin’ thing is particularly underground while at the same time Hillary Clinton is being held to the standards of sainthood where a single misstep means eternal damnation. For me, the decision was cemented by the third debate as to who was ready to go to work as POTUS, where she spoke intelligently and offered proposals while he got baited and did nothing but fingerpointing.

  9. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 29 days ago

    Say what you like, but we didn’t rig OUR primary.

    No, your candidate took your primary hostage by threatening to run as an independent if not nominated.

  10. Say What? commented on Peanuts 2 months ago

    “I want them tested for steroid use!”