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  1. Say What? commented on Peanuts 1 day ago

    Whiteboards are also a lot more fun to draw on.

  2. Say What? commented on Arlo and Janis 1 day ago

    iTunes and Google operate in similar fashions.

  3. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 1 day ago

    Look for the “bear” necessities,
    The simple “bear” necessities.
    Forget about your worries and your strife.
    I mean the “bear” necessities,
    Old Mother Nature’s recipes
    That brings the “bear” necessities of life.

  4. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 3 days ago

    Well, let’s seeā€¦
    Jerk: Tripping someone for amusement.
    Big Jerk: Embarrassing someone for a minor incident that didn’t hurt anyone or anything.
    Huge Jerk: Consuming someone’s food or drink when they’re not looking.
    Super Jerk: Having someone give up their need to benefit another’s own unnecessary desire.
    Unbelievable Jerk: Belittling someone for life-changing misfortune
    Colossal Jerk: Generalizing a population and leading action against said population despite circumstances or evidence to the contrary
    F***ing Jerk: Ruining multiple lives for one’s own benefit without remorse.
    Your interpretations are your own.

  5. Say What? commented on Peanuts 3 days ago

    Lucy is like the Walmart of psychiatrical help: she charges the lowest prices around to beat the competition, but screws over the less-than-forunate using dishonest tactics for her own benefit.

  6. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 3 days ago

    People in Florida probably watch in amazement that people in snow country have to dig their way out just to go places (work, grocery shopping, their mailboxes at the ends of their driveways, etc.) and pat themselves on the back for not needing to deal with intense cold conditions and be able to live in affordable housing.
    That seems to be the balance, either deal with tons of snow in a stable house or take your chances with far less inclement weather but losing your home to natural disasters. I’ve met a lot of folks here in Pennsylvania who told me they want to retire to Florida because of the reasonable climate and cost of living.

  7. Say What? commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    Living in security? What’s that?

  8. Say What? commented on Arlo and Janis 3 days ago

    Not before coffee, Arlo.

  9. Say What? commented on Arlo and Janis 3 days ago

    Most public school teachers DO want to give their students good education, but there are a multitude of factors that prevent them from doing so. A major factor is the standards set by those in positions of power with little to no education experience insisting on constant testing and teaching to those tests interfere with what children really need. I have seen firsthand how terrible those tests and their materials are, and how anyone can think that such crap can make the US global competitors in education is not seeing the entire picture.

  10. Say What? commented on Non Sequitur 16 days ago

    Given the news, I imagine this plot of the comic will continue for the remainder of the week as cartoonists usually draw these comics multiple weeks in advance.