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  1. squid commented on Lisa Benson 7 months ago

    What a shame I didn’t get to respond to you sooner. I always like to respond to America haters like you. I know for a fact that US Navy veterans like me would like to personally instruct you in your complete stupidity. I doubt you would like the education you would receive at our hands. But it would change your attitude at the very least.

  2. squid commented on The Flying McCoys over 1 year ago

    I wonder if the guy standing there knows his legs are on fire? At least it looks that way anyhow.

  3. squid commented on Glenn McCoy about 2 years ago

    The best thing about McCoy is his innate ability to cause liberal minds to explode. And as far as the comment concerning active military members being on food stamps maybe the commenter should tell everyone how long HE/SHE served in the US military. As for me I did a little over 12 years active duty until disability kept me from doing my 20. Concerning food stamps that fault lies in only one place: the military member that decides to get married too young and too far down the ladder in rank. They get married, which they can barely afford and then they come up with this brilliant plan to pop 2 or 3 kids while on active duty. Why? So that the little lady can pop those rug rats on the taxpayers dime. Now all of the sudden you have a family of 3 to 5 that can’t make ends meet. And they need food stamps and it’s all their own greedy fault. Like I said I did over 12 years active. I’ve never needed food stamps then and haven’t since then. It’s called budgeting and realizing how far your money can go. As for civilians and their idiotic views on military life all I can say is that fools like those that opine on something they know nothing of are bound to show their stupidity.

  4. squid commented on Glenn McCoy about 2 years ago

    The very best thing about these Glenn McCoy editorial cartoons is his innate ability to drive the left wing out of their freakin’ minds. And I get more satisfaction from that than you Obama lovers can even imagine.

  5. squid commented on Michael Ramirez about 2 years ago

    I got here a bit late but I just had to comment. Finally someone out there is pointing out the fact that all these protestors and whiners about climate change and pollution are wasting their time here in the US. We’ve spent 50 years getting cars and industry up to as close to specs as technology will allow in most cases. But let the protestors haul themselves to China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam and howl their BS there. That’s where all the pollution is these days.

  6. squid commented on The Duplex over 2 years ago

    Truthfully sharks, particularly Great Whites prefer a lot of fat. It’s long term energy food. I read that’s why a lot of times after they’ve bitten a human they will sometimes spit them out. Sharks know what a seal tastes like. All I know is what I read in the books and see on the internet on the more reputable sites.

  7. squid commented on Glenn McCoy over 2 years ago

    I like Glenn McCoy and his obvious comic talents with The Duplex and The Flying McCoy’s with his brother. His editorial cartoons are always right on with the news and with the majority of people in this country. But the very best thing about McCoy is his wonderful ability to make liberals heads pop off like champagne corks. I love reading the lefts seething, hate filled BS. Just another sign that the minority of voters in this country are truly no talent, no sense of humor slackers raised by a bunch of Haight-Ahsbury trash and educated??? by a bunch of sorry, left wing professors. Keep on keepin’ on McCoy. Maybe you can cause all these scum bags to have heart attacks. PS the left can apply negative atmospheric pressure to my genital area.

  8. squid commented on Gary Varvel over 2 years ago

    You are so wrong it’s difficult for me to not get rude with you. Either you are stupid or are just trying to put forth an idiotic leftwing mentality. Tear gas is a largely inert gas. It makes your nose and eyes run. A lot. It burns quite a bit. But it’s no more illegal than pepper spray. Tear gas has NEVER been banned by the Geneva Convention. Mustard gas has. But stuff like VX which will kill you in a short time and make you were dead even faster isn’t banned. Biological and germ warfare are what is banned. But you just give it a few more years and the lefts buddies in the Middle East like ISIS or ISIL or whatever there name is today will be using it. We have been most fortunate over the years since 9-11. I hope we remain that way, I doubt we will. I’m a US Navy veteran. Combat veteran, 12+ years active duty.

  9. squid commented on Gary Varvel over 2 years ago

    Those of you who refuse to believe that Obama said ‘So sue me," go to this CNN posted you tube vid… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtpqZRON9_U At time 1:24 he says ’So sue me.’ In this day and age of digital proof arguing about it is simply stupid and lazy. Kind of like Obama saying Congress isn’t passing any laws. Obama is continuing to count on the stupid and lazy American electorate who repeatedly prove their stupidity of American history and even current political facts. Look at all the interviews where people on the street don’t even know who the Speaker is. Don’t know who’s in charge of the Senate. Don’t even know their own US Congressman or even their own Governor. Yet these politically illiterate idiots get to vote. On what? The roll of the dice? Because they surely aren’t going to polls with any facts in their heads. Kind of like pinning the form to the back of the voting booth and playing darts with it. Congress has in fact put hundreds of bills on that worthless Harry Reid’s desk. But due to the fact that he would rather spread partisan lies than do his job those bills languish in no-where’s-ville. The House cannot do what the Senate will not continue to work with. And even the left knows this. But they are counting on the stupidity of the general American electorate to continue their left wing BS. The best thing that could ever happen to America would be that every voter educate themselves on all aspects of upcoming votes. Know the candidates, the amendments etc. that come up to vote on. Go vote. And be the one thing the left and the all politicians fear the most…an educated voter.

  10. squid commented on Glenn McCoy over 3 years ago

    At least they’ll have your dumb a*s there to comfort them upon their arrival.