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  1. Subversive commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 2 months ago

    Nothing says “GAY” like a bare chested superhero riding another steed bareback. Not the good kind of gay though.

  2. Subversive commented on Jeff Stahler 2 months ago

    As long as good americans can still get their pain killers there and a 40 to wash em down with all is well. You can always pick up your coffin nails to burn the house down while on the nod, at the 7-11, on the way home. My Big Pharma stocks have never done better. OC and OE 800 for all my homies, who needs cigs anyway!

  3. Subversive commented on Faces of the News by Kerry Waghorn 2 months ago

    Big Pharma products kill more people every year than the “illicit street drug” that killed PSH. Just sayin’.

  4. Subversive commented on Jim Morin 2 months ago

    I do not understand this move away from selling a killer product. They already are the street level pusher for drugs that kill more people every year than all of the illicit street drugs in the whole world. At least my Pharma stocks are doing well.

  5. Subversive commented on Glenn McCoy 2 months ago

    Let another neocon idiot sleep in that bed and we will all want to jump the fence, the other direction! The pink teddy bear was a nice touch though.

  6. Subversive commented on Ted Rall 2 months ago

    Spoken like a TRUE patriot. Let freedom ring!

  7. Subversive commented on Tom Toles 2 months ago

    …and we just plain old cannot trust you so we are not going to do any of the things we said we would accomplish just to prove we actually have shiftoblamanitus which is contagious and festered up from the bottom of a fetid pot of tea which we all foolishly drank from.

  8. Subversive commented on Jim Morin 3 months ago

    So that’s what a truly liberated country looks like these days. And to think it all paid for itself.

  9. Subversive commented on Tom Toles 3 months ago

    Ironic how the biggest pigs just don’t like those “pigtail” bulbs.

  10. Subversive commented on Ted Rall 3 months ago

    Nothing has changed, Bob leaves the door unlocked while he is on break, and that guy is always on break.