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  1. Subversive commented on Ted Rall over 2 years ago

    Almost enough to make you want to go all the way for your favorite character of the bible, or the quran, or the torah, etc…..

  2. Subversive commented on Steve Breen over 2 years ago

    I would bet that the servicing on the food delivery unit would well outweigh the health requirements for the human food delivery unit.

  3. Subversive commented on Joel Pett over 2 years ago

    Better to kick the can than the McCan, oops I meant McCain.

  4. Subversive commented on Glenn McCoy over 2 years ago

    Death panels for vets now, not just those signed up for the ACA. Amazing bulls*it again McCoy. Where are the Hatfields when ya need ’um.

  5. Subversive commented on Robert Ariail over 2 years ago

    I was watching faux news the other day and suddenly realized that 0bama should have brought the full brunt of our precious nucular bomb power down on that punk Putin. That would show the whole world what ’merican supremacy is all about. Then we can move on to Syria, N Korea, Talibanistan and all the other stans as well.

  6. Subversive commented on Nick Anderson over 2 years ago

    Still waiting for Ted Nugent to show up and sing “god bless ’merica” with all his brethern.

  7. Subversive commented on Nick Anderson over 2 years ago

    Nothing like a right wing radical rancher rally to get all of the inbred white supremacist anti-guvimet types out of their compounds to support the Faux News spurred hatred. At least it proves they still watch TV, even though it is limited to one channel.

  8. Subversive commented on Jerry Holbert over 2 years ago

    Grandmama Hillary is coming soon. She knows how to handle that mischevious Wednesday and Pugsley.

  9. Subversive commented on Robert Ariail over 2 years ago

    That is exactly why the Project for the New American Century picked him for his position

  10. Subversive commented on Joe Heller over 2 years ago

    Never wore one of those while celebrating the spring equinox. What a bunch of evil idiots that thought up this holiday. Pure evil $pirit$