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  1. martens misses all her friends commented on Matt Davies about 2 hours ago

    A clever reply but no answer. The data are there whether you wish to acknowledge them or not. And morality is not unique to H. sapiens but is seen in other eusocial species.
    If by rationality, you mean reasoning, I’ll grant you that premise. Some research indicates that man reasons to win arguments, not to determine truth.

  2. martens misses all her friends commented on Clay Bennett about 4 hours ago

    And just to add to the mix, google “police kill deaf” and see how many hits you get. Is it just possible that we here in the States are just a bit too quick to use deadly force? Could it possibly be due to the ready availability of firearms? Is the attitude that “I have a right to defend myself no matter what” and the attitude “I can’t count on the police to defend me” have anything to do with the large number of deaths due to police activity?

  3. martens misses all her friends commented on Jerry Holbert about 9 hours ago

    I posted the link elsewhere, but here it is again:
    Wliiaim F. Buckley on the neocons: “I think those I know, which is most of them, are bright, informed and idealistic, but that they simply overrate the reach of U.S. power and influence.”

    If you really believe that Iran has the chance of a snowball in the proverbial hot place to get enough fissile material to make a significant number of nuclear weapons, you are not well-informed. Also, if you think Iranians are suicidal (which is what it would be for any nation in the Mideast using such weapons), then you are also unrealistic.

  4. martens misses all her friends commented on Clay Jones about 9 hours ago

    I read a bunch of non-US papers on the web. It is appalling how many times the stories coming from the US are like those depicted in this toon.
    So just why do y’all think that we are seen as barbarians by many in the world? And we are, you know. So much for our exceptionalism and great moral leadership…

  5. martens misses all her friends commented on Darrin Bell about 9 hours ago

    That child was shot less than 2 secs after the arrival of the squad car. What chance did he have? It was HIS fault? And he was not even immediately treated for the wound.
    Some of you judgmental, self-righteous people really turn my stomach.

  6. martens misses all her friends commented on Tim Eagan about 9 hours ago

    And if you had the Saudi king sitting on the other side of Uncle Sam, you’d have the full picture.
    “We’ll watch while you and him fight.”

  7. martens misses all her friends commented on Signe Wilkinson about 9 hours ago

    Bruce, certainly you must be aware of the settlements at the very least. You are probably unaware of the destruction of Arab land in the Negev due to reforestation efforts backed by the government. It isn’t that reforestationis a bad thing in and of itself, but when it is done on the agricultural land of indigenous Arabs, thus displacing them, it is immoral.

  8. martens misses all her friends commented on Matt Davies about 10 hours ago

    Whereas scientific research in biology and psychology indicates that people are not rational but are moral. It is a basic characteristic of the species.

  9. martens misses all her friends commented on Henry Payne about 21 hours ago

    You know, Hiram, the more I see of ligical here the more I thik that he knows very few of the people he is speaking about. He really hasn’t apparently any knowledge of Iranian culture and history, he does not seem able to distinguish among the various ethnic groups of the Mideast, but he has immensely strong opinions on all of it. I wouldn’t call him racist or sexist but rather a neocon. He seems to think that the US can throw its weight around and everyone else will just fall into line, which Buckley, speaking of neocons, called overrating the power and influence of the US.

  10. martens misses all her friends commented on Matt Davies about 21 hours ago

    What you have to remember about my prof is that he was an Arab Jew, He grew up in Palestine, he was Arab and proud of his culture. He was in a way uniquely placed to see clearly what the immigrant Jews from Europe were not. He was a memorable personality…plus of course being a very good scientist.