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  1. martens is fed up commented on Steve Breen about 9 hours ago

    Where did I ever say that the mentally ill are a major cause of violence, much less tag mass killings as the major form of violence? I do you you would stop attributing statements and opinions to me that I never made and do not have. That is a classical straw man argument , you know (or maybe you don’t). At least I have said on these fora that I think programs to provide a healthier environment for all our children, not just those fortunate enough to have well-to-do parents should be a primary goal of this nation. We can spend trillions killing people over the world but cut up rough when someone wants to use some of our wealth to give children in poverty a chance at a decent life (without lead-poisoning, for instance), medical care (particularly preventive care) and adequate food and shelter to develop to their full potential. Is that so hard to understand? It is much more likely in the long run to reduce violence in reality and cheaper than locking up all those (whom you would tag as inner city, which is poverty-stricken) who are violent. In other words, make the investment to reduce the causes of violent behavior rather than focus on punishing violent behavior (which doesn’t work very well anyway).

    To anyone else reading this post, I realize I am whistling in the wind here as rallsolo has absolutely no interest in considering anything except how inadequate and stupid he thinks liberals and actually most of the rest of us are.

  2. martens is fed up commented on Tom Toles about 10 hours ago

    You are so narrowly fixated on your hobby horse here that it apparently never occurred to you that donated tissue is NOT simply from abortions. Tissues from a young man killed in a motorcycle accident donated by his parents are treated as an act of great worth. I don’t know if you have had kids, but do try to imagine the courage it takes to lose your child and be of great enough spirit to try to get something good for the rest of humanity from the tragedy. Or, for that matter, a miscarriage. You are so busy passing judgement on those of whom you have no knowledge, and that includes those who have chosen to abort. Until you’ve walked in their shoes, maybe you should withhold your “righteous indignation”.

  3. martens is fed up commented on Tom Toles about 12 hours ago

    FWIW, I have used donated human tissue in my research. Given that such research is all done in the context of formal recognized laboratories recognized by the government and that human tissues are only available through the administrative structures of such laboratories, the picture of a mad scientist buying tissues in a back alley is ludicrous. The research budgets of the scientists do pay for shipping and handling (some of which can be somewhat expensive, depending on the particular needs of the research). None of us would endanger either our work or our careers by “buying” tissue illegally. Moreover, we recognize the importance and value of such donations which are made by those who have just suffered loss and are trying to turn it into value for others. One can only have the utmost respect for them and their donations and treat that donation with the respect it deserves..

  4. martens is fed up commented on Matt Wuerker about 12 hours ago

    I have often wondered why treating others with the kind of respect one wishes oneself to be treated with constitutes “political correctness” as opposed to simple decency…

  5. martens is fed up commented on Rob Rogers about 12 hours ago

    Yes, but the SS was not in Switzerland—maybe all those Swiss William Tells up in the Swiss mountains made it not worthwhile to go in?

  6. martens is fed up commented on Steve Breen about 12 hours ago

    In re: Mental illness and violence:
    The intricate link between violence and mental disorder

    Context The relationship between mental illness and violence has a significant effect on mental health policy, clinical practice, and public opinion about the dangerousness of people with psychiatric disorders.

    Results Bivariate analyses showed that the incidence of violence was higher for people with severe mental illness, but only significantly so for those with co-occurring substance abuse and/or dependence. Multivariate analyses revealed that severe mental illness alone did not predict future violence; it was associated instead with historical (past violence, juvenile detention, physical abuse, parental arrest record), clinical (substance abuse, perceived threats), dispositional (age, sex, income), and contextual (recent divorce, unemployment, victimization) factors. Most of these factors were endorsed more often by subjects with severe mental illness.

    Conclusions Because severe mental illness did not independently predict future violent behavior, these findings challenge perceptions that mental illness is a leading cause of violence in the general population. Still, people with mental illness did report violence more often, largely because they showed other factors associated with violence. Consequently, understanding the link between violent acts and mental disorder requires consideration of its association with other variables such as substance abuse, environmental stressors, and history of violence.

  7. martens is fed up commented on Rob Rogers 1 day ago

    Well, miked, since I have a number of Swiss relatives and friends and have spent a good number of my vacations there, this isn’t exactly a news bulletin to me. The point that the majority of Swiss men serve in the military and get that kind of training is a major difference between them and the US. Plus they really mean the bit about the militia (those shooting ranges, for instance). Strange to say, I do not support gun bans, but as was pointed out on another thread, the strict control of the Aussies took a few years to have an impact, and that may well have been due to the change in people’s outlook. I have repeatedly said that the training and registration that exists in Switzerland would be a reasonable model for the US—if we could only get our act together to make it federal.

  8. martens is fed up commented on Rob Rogers 1 day ago

    Errmmm…you did get the point that they can keep those guns personally after their service, as noted by kurtzwicky? So the origin of many of those guns was the army. Some 50%or more of Swiss males serve in the army. Also, it should be noted that most communities have a shooting range (300 m. is the norm), and marksmanship is a highly valued skill. If I have my dates right, in about a week Zuerich will have their annual youth marksmanship competition. It’s a big deal there.

  9. martens is fed up commented on Rob Rogers 1 day ago

    and @Ken M and @ jeff cartwright:
    Avery recent report on the defensive use of guns in the US. It does not support your contention as to its benefits.

    A pdf of the new Violence Policy Center (VPC) report Firearm Justifiable Homicides and Non-Fatal Self-Defense Gun Use

  10. martens is fed up commented on Jim Morin 2 days ago

    Yep, but I don’t expect those to whom Obama is the ultimate bogeyman to see that drop as positive. After all, in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we SHOULD have a large number of our citizens in prison, right? That’ll show them. (sarc off)