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  1. martens commented on Ron Warren about 4 hours ago

    We call them “red chickens” because they are much more likely than the other birds frequenting our deck to fly off as soon as they see us. Did you have to sneak up on him to get this shot?

  2. martens commented on Ron Warren about 17 hours ago

    Y’know, this one would go straight over the heads of the RWNJ’s…but that’s nothing new.


    BTW, I read that book Baslim mentions here. Remember when the book “Lies my Teacher Told Me” was going full bore on the Gocomics site (well, not with the RWNJs, but the rest of us)? This book further takes us down the road to understanding—I think better than “Albion’s Seed” because it’s broader in scope, and I also heartily recommend it.

  3. martens commented on Signe Wilkinson 1 day ago

    Well, you’re younger that we are. Not having to stand in line an hour or two makes a difference to us.

  4. martens commented on Ron Warren 2 days ago

    Neat set of photos—and even some in flight!


    Our nuthatch is named Phred. Actually it probably should be Phred with a number after, as I’m sure that the original Phred taught his kids how to get the peanuts. There is a certain amount of competition among them. ;-)

  5. martens commented on Signe Wilkinson 2 days ago


    I’ll be voting this week, and then I’ll stop reading all the “news” on the election until Nov. 9.

  6. martens commented on Ron Warren 2 days ago

    Nice shot, and how lucky you are to have them right there!

    It looks to me as if we have a birder group coalescing here, you, Baslim, me, da Ruff (https://youtu.be/M4VITJKHNhc), and probably even more if we only knew. Too bad Gocomics doesn’t let us post pics anymore in the comments.

  7. martens commented on Views of the World 3 days ago

    Pismestrovic does pretty good caricatures, and this one looks very much like Antonio Guterres. I wish him luck as Secretary General, and at least he has as good understanding of the refugee problems as anyone.

  8. martens commented on No Ambiguity 5 days ago

    I don’t know how old Brass Orchaid is, but somehow I think he does not have those days in anything near adult memory. I was in my late 20’s, teaching in the state c0llege system at that time. Before (mid-60’s) I had been in the southeast at grad school. To me it seemed as if the anti-war movement grew out of the civil rights movement. Those of us who were protesting in the early to mid-60’s were the same as who were protesting the Vietnam adventure. So, if BO wishes to say that the Communists of Europe and Asia were behind our movement, I’d like to know how. I’ve noticed that he seem to be into self-designed theories—in this case, I’d say he needs to look at the reality without his preconceived notions. Simplified explanations for the what and why only take you so far before they run into the hard barrier of reality, a problem that the conspiracy nuts have yet to face.

  9. martens commented on John Deering 10 days ago

    Your bias makes you gullible.

    From http://www.snopes.com/bill-clinton-illegitimate-son/


    Using the Starr Report’s FBI analysis of Clinton’s DNA as its reference, Star paid former prostitute Bobbie Ann Williams, the source for the Globe article, and her 13-year-old son for their story and blood samples. And the result: “There was no match. Not even close,” says a Star source. (The Starr Report contains sufficient data to make a valid DNA comparison to rule out paternity.) But if the tabloid was disappointed by the results, it’s putting up a good, Brill’s Content-ready front. Says editor in chief Phil Bunton: “We investigate dozens of stories every week, and if they don’t prove to be true, we don’t run them.”

  10. martens commented on Steve Breen 11 days ago

    I appreciate you taking the time to outline these ideas. From someone like you who knows poetry and is a musician, it carries a lot of weight with me. I have been following Dylan since I was in college (since that we are about the same age that is a while), and I have always liked his work. I do not understand those who objected to his Nobel because to me he was transformative to my generation. But I’m not an artist, so my judgement is not grounded in the kinds of basics that yours is.