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  1. martens commented on Mike Lester about 3 hours ago

    I would guess that his problems are from early childhood. In fact, It seems as if he had behavioral quirks as a small child, so I would guess that he may have some neural wiring abnormality or neurochemical imbalances. Some here have suggested that he is on some kind of drug because of his hyperactivity, but that can happen with endogenous imbalances also.

  2. martens commented on Dan Wasserman about 7 hours ago

    Of all the senators who were considered for the VP spot, Tim Kaine is in one major way the safest in that his replacement to complete the term would be named by McAuliffe, thus assuring no loss of a Democratic seat.

    BTQ, Kaine is a bunch more progressive than most of you seem to think.

  3. martens commented on Steve Breen about 8 hours ago

    This cartoon is a conservative pipe dream of how they wished it would have happened. In fact, that is not how it happened at all, as anyone watching the convention last night could see.

  4. martens commented on Views of the World about 8 hours ago

    A couple of dueling commentaries from the NYT, one from Gulen and one from a Erdogan functionary:



    It all depends whom you trust, I guess. (I DON’T trust Erdogan—his recent history is that he is completely untrustworthy.)

  5. martens commented on Ted Rall about 21 hours ago

    Where is English Teacher when we need her??

  6. martens commented on Matt Wuerker about 21 hours ago

    I experienced the 1968 election as an anti-Vietnam, clean- for-Gene activist. We got Nixon and y’all know how that turned out? Then in 2000 I watched as the “progressives” dumped on Gore (yes, he wasn’t my first choice, but…), and we got W. Y’all remember how that turned out? This year I supported Bernie, and y’all are doing the same stuff you did in ‘68 and 2000. Guess how it’s gonna turn out. I’m just glad I am a dual citizen…

  7. martens commented on Joel Pett about 21 hours ago

    It seems my original link to Lidegaard’s commentary is no longer working. Try this one:

  8. martens commented on John Deering about 22 hours ago

    jack is a sad case, ahab. Be gentle, as he really hasn’t a clue on what he doesn’t know….

  9. martens commented on Stuart Carlson about 22 hours ago

    But he’s not, maybe, quite as amazingly intelligent as he thinks he is…

    Putin has proven his intelligence in a way Trump has never had to.

  10. martens commented on Stuart Carlson 1 day ago

    How long before people learn that NOTHING you put in an email can be reliably considered “private” after you hit that Send button.