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  1. martens is REALLY fed up commented on John Deering about 9 hours ago

    Well, you guys could be bigger suckers apparently…
    Clinton campaign — and some cyber experts — say Russia is behind email release.
    Can you say Putin wants Trump to win to make Putin’s life easier?

  2. martens is REALLY fed up commented on Jim Morin about 9 hours ago

    I see the point you are trying to make, and, to some extent, I agree, but there are a few caveats. For example, my observation of MD’s in politics has convinced me that they have neither the training nor the personal characteristics to be good politicians. I would say that is true for a number of scientists as well. Few of us are good in working with people, and that is, I think, a prime requirement for a politician. Not hat there aren’t exceptions to this (I have in fact known some MD’s and scientists who were good administrator/ politician types but VERY few). I have also read discussions by businessmen who tried to take up political work and who discovered that their skills were inappropriate for this kind of work. That said, it leaves those who choose to go into fields in which these skills are valuable. My rep van Hollen is a guy who is very intelligent, very organized, good with people skills and IMO is an excellent representative for our district. He has been directed toward this kind of career since his college days, and he has honed his skills to get things done. He has not gotten rich, but you know I don’t think that is why he has worked so hard all these years to learn and practice in politics. He only wants to make a difference to the well-being of our nation and the world. (And, yes, I think this is real because he and I have a strong element of common background on this).

  3. martens is REALLY fed up commented on Signe Wilkinson about 18 hours ago

    I agree. My main problem with Clinton is her tendency to use military force more readily that I would prefer. But then, I’m not in the position of having to take responsibility for the outcomes and I certainly have not the informational resources that those in such positions have. What stuns me is that the kinds of claims made against her could readily and with much more evidence available be made against Trump. That, however, does not seem to faze the Trump supporters—which leads me to believe that the basis for their support is more due to racial and cultural bigotry than anything else. I will admit that those hurt by globalization have a fair gripe that has not been addressed nationally or internationally, but to think that Trump would address this problem goes against all his past history.

  4. martens is REALLY fed up commented on Jim Morin about 19 hours ago

    Y’know, I’m getting really tired of this “kick them all out and start fresh” and “anti-elitist” meme. Are you people thinking at all? For instance, do you go to your auto mechanic when you need surgery? Do you decide that a CPA is too “elite”, so you might as well go to the cashier at the local gas station for your accounting needs? If you need a translation from, say Russian into English, do you automatically rule out everyone bilingual in Russian and English? Well, guess what, knowing how government works is not inborn knowledge in humans. It takes time and thought to become a good legislator. Our problem is not the qualities of the people we elect per se but that when we vote, all too often we ourselves do not take the time to find out just how competent the people we are voting for are. We pick irrelevancies and stupid criteria to make our choices. Time for us to either grow up and act like adults or to resign ourselves to going down the tube (slow or fast, I don’t know which).

  5. martens is REALLY fed up commented on Robert Ariail about 19 hours ago

    Wabbit, Bernie is a few days older than I am. That means he’ll be 75 his next birthday, OK? Believe me that at this age the physical requirements of the job of president are really past what most of us can do. What I could have done at 70 I can no longer do, and I think Bernie probably feels much the same but he was willing to work hard to get the progressive agenda out there and really did not ever expect to get the nomination.He has made his point, has seen many of his goals placed in the platform, and it is now up to the rest of us to continue the push. Allowing Trump to win this election would be a death knell of that agenda. Would you PLEASE come back to reality and lay off your basically unjustified grievances?
    Thank you.

  6. martens is REALLY fed up commented on Views of the World 1 day ago

    I think he had it planned.
    The coup allowed for acceleration of a purge years in the making.
    He’s been wanting to get rid of the Gulenists for a long time.

  7. martens is REALLY fed up commented on John Deering 1 day ago

    Keep it up, kiddo.
    You’re cruising for a vanishment big time. Calling all the cartoonists idiots is no way to win friends and influence people…or even convince anyone you have anything worth listening to…the only positive aspect is that your insults are at least quite short and thus waste less time for the rest of us.

  8. martens is REALLY fed up commented on Darrin Bell 2 days ago

    No, I don’t think they will. More Democrats are willing to go for cooperation. Otherwise, Clinton would not have chosen Kaine as her running mate, as he is well-known for trying to work in a bipartisan manner. Find me any one elected Republican in recent years you can say that about. I might also mention that when Pelosi became Speaker in 2007, one of the first things she did was to rule out impeachment possibilities. Haven’t seen that kind of attitude among the Republicans, but rather the opposite. The Democrats are anything but perfect, but then perfection is the enemy of the possible.

  9. martens is REALLY fed up commented on Clay Bennett 2 days ago

    said “He’s not Mrs. Clinton.”
    That’s for damsure!
    Mrs Clinton would never demean herself to the level that Trump has demeaned himself without any sense of self-respect in so many of his public statements—and he doesn’t even seem to realize that he has demeaned himself. He is one sick puppy in a major way.