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  1. ORMouseworks commented on Luann about 21 hours ago

    I just Couldn’t Resist this: “Laws are like cobwebs, which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.” (Jonathan Swift, 1667-1745). "Nite all! ;)

  2. ORMouseworks commented on Tony Auth about 21 hours ago

    And, the nightmare is for the rest of us that, while Putin slowly but surely works to put the USSR back on the table, the former Eastern-Bloc nations are watching Ukraine Very, Very Closely… ;)

  3. ORMouseworks commented on Matt Wuerker about 21 hours ago

    As usual, the IRS’ flawless Tax Return…NOT! ;)

  4. ORMouseworks commented on Pat Oliphant about 21 hours ago

    (hmmm, like Israel) Say, What???!!! ;)

  5. ORMouseworks commented on La Cucaracha about 21 hours ago

    ! (upside down) Feliz cumplea~nos, Lalo!

  6. ORMouseworks commented on Cathy about 21 hours ago

    Depends on your point of view when the heady subject of what goes in one’s mouth comes up: which is better?…coffee or a nice sugary snack?! The yummiest one wins! ;)

  7. ORMouseworks commented on Red and Rover about 21 hours ago

    Now, That’s a switch! Aren’t you chilly, Red? After all, you don’t have any fur on you! ;)

  8. ORMouseworks commented on Stone Soup about 21 hours ago

    Anything to get out of a conversation that Holly does not want to be in the middle of… ;)

  9. ORMouseworks commented on For Better or For Worse about 21 hours ago

    I always thought it was nice that Lynn showed John and Elly together in bed discussing their days… ;)

  10. ORMouseworks commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 21 hours ago

    Better than a bullhorn… ;)