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  1. Buddy Novinski commented on Peanuts about 1 month ago

    So, who’s pitching now? Maybe they can outsource?

  2. Buddy Novinski commented on Rose is Rose 4 months ago

    Here’s a major reason why I have a link to this strip from my main website.

  3. Buddy Novinski commented on Rob Rogers 5 months ago

    LBJ knew how to work with this Congress and cross party lines. In fact, he did get the previous civil rights act in 1957 passed the Senate when he was majority leader. I will concede that he did not have one obstructionist party in the House at the time. The problem was the Senate and all the chairmen who were blocking the legislation.

  4. Buddy Novinski commented on Calvin and Hobbes 7 months ago

    Calvin’s lucky it didn’t snow as it did here yesterday, else he’d still be a shrimp compared to the snowpeople around here.

  5. Buddy Novinski commented on Jeff Danziger 7 months ago

    Wall Street doesn’t even look like the animals in this cartoon, but there is no animal to symbol welfare for the wealthy.

  6. Buddy Novinski commented on Ted Rall 7 months ago

    Ted’s at it again, it’s a twist at the end worthy of Alfred Hitchcock or Rod Sterling. The twist makes us think, and I’d rather Obama keep his fins before the corporate interest cut them off!

  7. Buddy Novinski commented on Dilbert Classics 8 months ago

    I have four cleaners at home and NONE are canisters! My mother bought one in 1967, and it was enough.

  8. Buddy Novinski commented on Peanuts 8 months ago

    Sally never heard the phrase that one can be “too clean”. Having antibodies from slight exposure, like vaccination, helps repel disease.

  9. Buddy Novinski commented on Calvin and Hobbes 8 months ago

    Really, how many time did I daydream in my weekly baths? I cannot remember, although I did remember the weekend before I turned 9 that it was only twelve years before I hit full adulthood!

  10. Buddy Novinski commented on Dilbert Classics 8 months ago

    I hope my ego never looks like Dilbert’s!