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  1. Buddy Novinski commented on Calvin and Hobbes 5 months ago

    No, I’d rather have a hobby I love and continue to loathe my job. It would push me to find an equivalent job.

  2. Buddy Novinski commented on Jeff Danziger 10 months ago

    Ultimately it’s the voters who stayed home this time who picked the driver, but they won’t admit it. I am a machine inspector, so I know the drop in the number of voters t my poll over two years ago and which party they were. Instead of term limits, vote them out and stop complaining. I’ve voted every year since 1979, so I get the privilege.

    As far as 2016 goes, I can predict that Obama will continue to disappoint and cave in even worse than Clinton in his second term. The corporate state will love it.

  3. Buddy Novinski commented on Ziggy 11 months ago

    Show your individuality. Stay with your natural body — It needs no permanent decorations.

  4. Buddy Novinski commented on Red and Rover 11 months ago

    Rover should ask whether Sirius, the Dog Star, is in the bowl!

  5. Buddy Novinski commented on Ted Rall 11 months ago

    Is ISIS recruiting unemployed MBA’s?

  6. Buddy Novinski commented on Tom Toles 11 months ago

    It’s easily understandable. The corporate state loves war, so it can profit from more Pentagon waste! Welfare for the wealthy does not hold much profit with infrastructure. It’s harder to overrun costs, and everyone knows when it’s finished.

  7. Buddy Novinski commented on Rose is Rose 11 months ago

    I agree. In fact the Swedes use the equivalent of mothermother, motherfather, fathermother, and fatherfather in place of maternal and paternal grandparents. “Meemaw” sounds like mothermother. My father’s mother insisted I call her the Polish equivalent of “Granny” (Babci)

  8. Buddy Novinski commented on Peanuts about 1 year ago

    So, who’s pitching now? Maybe they can outsource?

  9. Buddy Novinski commented on Rose is Rose over 1 year ago

    Here’s a major reason why I have a link to this strip from my main website.

  10. Buddy Novinski commented on Rob Rogers over 1 year ago

    LBJ knew how to work with this Congress and cross party lines. In fact, he did get the previous civil rights act in 1957 passed the Senate when he was majority leader. I will concede that he did not have one obstructionist party in the House at the time. The problem was the Senate and all the chairmen who were blocking the legislation.