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  1. truthsayer47 commented on Ken Catalino almost 3 years ago

    uh, apparently the jury didn’t see Zimmerman as the one “starting” the confrontation. He was investigating what he thought was suspicious behavior. That may not have been a smart decision, but it wasn’t “starting a confrontation.” Trayvon may have been an “innocent,” but that didn’t justify his pouncing on Zimmerman, which is what the jury saw. Both were at fault; in that case, it’s a draw. Tragic, yes, but still a draw.

  2. truthsayer47 commented on Matt Wuerker almost 3 years ago

    So, will Wuerker do the same smirking cartoon when the Dems use the filibuster to shut down a GOP president’s nominees. Probably not, because when the Dems do it it’s for the good of the country, and when the GOPers do it, they’re just being evil.

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