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  1. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 2 days ago

    Where are all the Cuban-Americans who were thrown under the wheels by the 0 administration?

  2. libsmasher commented on Raising Duncan 2 days ago

    Most young dogs aren’t interested in history at that age.

  3. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    Another epic 0bama FAIL.

  4. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 4 days ago

    Notice how anytime any international dealing is done, 0 always turns out on the short end? Castro dissing The Puppet is just the latest insult.

  5. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 6 days ago

    Actually, they love education, though we in the US would call it indoctrination. They’re taught that their imaginary god will lead them to destroy everyone else and inherit the earth.
    In ‘Palestine,’ they’d be taught how to best conceal bomb vests.
    In the US (as is evident now to the tune of 40 million people), they’d be taught how to vote Democrat and how having more kids will increase the monthly handouts on their EBT cards.
    Is anyone else worried that the Creator’s best answer to our prayers might be wiping out the planet and starting over?

  6. libsmasher commented on Brewster Rockit 6 days ago

    Get the yeti to remove that annoyingly smug elf.

  7. libsmasher commented on Buni 6 days ago

    Merry Christmas, Buni.

  8. libsmasher commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 6 days ago

    If you impudent dogs could see the next panel of the strip, it would show 0bama shackled next to Chuck and being forced to wear a burqa.

  9. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 6 days ago

    Nice to know that anytime a film with even slightly-controversial subject matter is released in the future we can count on whomever is offended to send a few e-mails and have it pulled from distribution.
    Was the film garbage? Most likely. That is not to say that all future censured films will be bad. How long before someone from the Religion of Peace threatens to behead somebody due to the accurate portrayal of Muslims in an upcoming feature?

  10. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 7 days ago

    “But… but.. but… China!”
    Nobody’s talking about China right now. It’s 2014. If you can’t defend your position, just say so. Every time the Kenyan drops the ball the best his sycophants can do is point to somebody else who also screwed up… it’s sad.