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  1. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 2 days ago

    This cartoon isn’t realistic- I doubt very much that Granny Clinton has the skill to drive a motor vehicle.

  2. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 5 days ago

    Pouty Trump? An ugly image.


    Even uglier: Granny Clinton’s Parkinson’s eyerolls and her rictus grin as she barely contains her laughter during discussion of ISIS throwing homosexuals off of buildings.

  3. libsmasher commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 5 days ago

    So you’re not fawn-da them?

  4. libsmasher commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 5 days ago

    I’ll take ‘Upside-Down Granny Clinton’ over the one with the rictus grin and Parkinson’s- she’d be useful at Halloween, at least.

  5. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 5 days ago

    It was the will of the actual taxpaying voters.


    It could be worse- you could be Granny Clinton, who has not yet come to terms with them.

  6. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 6 days ago

    Fortunately, undecided 2nd Amendment voters were locked in for Trump early in last night’s debate, and didn’t have to watch another 45 minutes of Granny Clinton’s prevarications.


    Her awkward lie about supporting the Constitution after decades of attempting to subvert it was met by groans and believed by no one. The ‘nasty woman’ tried unsuccessfully to dodge questions about her past lawbreaking but was exposed once and for all as the corrupt limousine liberal we’ve known all these years.

  7. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 6 days ago

    Well, you have to play the hand you’re dealt.


    I think that watching Granny Clinton lie about supporting the 2nd Amendment last night was enough to lock in myriad undecided voters for Trump- she really has a low opinion of the average voter.

  8. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 7 days ago

    He’s losing in the typical polls.


    If ailing Granny Clinton wins, it will be the first time for an avowed anti-Constitutionalist and will pretty much mean our experiment as a free republic is done- the leeches would officially outnumber the voters who actually keep this country going.


    The vast horde of 2nd Amendment voters never get polled, however. This is already over if they GOTV.

  9. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 7 days ago

    Or “Lying, Corrupt Granny Clinton” and “95% of Major Media Outlets” and “Supposed Neutral Debate Moderators.”

  10. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 9 days ago

    Yes, a private citizen making lewd comments is somehow worse than a corrupt politician breaking laws at the highest levels of our government.


    Only low-information-voting leftists have minds small enough to accept that absurdity, and to vote for this absurdity.