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  1. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin about 19 hours ago

    Welfare recipients are at record levels and the number of unemployed who’ve quit looking for work is astonishing.
    If there is a party of ‘indentured servitude,’ that party is the Democrat party. Keeping low-information voters on the government dole and promising them other peoples’ money is a great way to pander for Democrat votes!

  2. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin about 20 hours ago

    Pretty well sums up the current sad state of affairs due to having an incompetent community organizer in the White House… except that it isn’t just Republicans saying these things, it’s everybody. You’d have to pull teeth to get a member of the Democrat party to mention 0bola’s name on the campaign trail- it’s fun watching them twist themselves into knots to avoid uttering the name of the evil one.
    It looks like the party of abortion and homosexuality will be receiving a pretty good whipping in the November elections!

  3. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 2 days ago

    Being of no more use to anybody, he was destined to wander the land as a jug-eared pariah, abandoned by even the parasites to whom he redistributed wealth. Educated citizens had abandoned him long ago due to his awkward attempts to gut the 2nd Amendment.
    Somewhere in Georgia, Jimmy Carter smiled and burned his ’Worst President in History" t-shirt.

  4. libsmasher commented on Dana Summers 3 days ago

    0bola knows himself to be utterly unqualified for his job (a community organizer? Seriously??). This is probably why he surrounds himself with unqualified people- he hopes that his incompetence will appear to be the status quo.
    Holder resigned in disgrace; let’s kick more of the incompetents out in November… vote!

  5. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 3 days ago

    We’ve been living with the actual horror of the ghoul in the White House debasing our country and creating a police state. The only good news is that Holder resigned in disgrace to avoid upcoming criminal charges.
    If you value our Constitution, vote in November to remove those who would attempt to usurp our God-given rights!

  6. libsmasher commented on Buni 4 days ago

    That pot needs an intervention.

  7. libsmasher commented on The Bent Pinky 4 days ago

    What does exist eternally: endless LinkedIn spam after joining.

  8. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 8 days ago

    Yes, the NRA is such a threat to our freedoms that gun-control liberals such as Pelosi, Bloomberg, Soros, et al spend millions in failed attempts to marginalize them.
    You do realize that your statement is ridiculous on its face, right? If you’re not being paid to type such illogical dreck, you should really educate yourself regarding the Constitution.

  9. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 8 days ago

    The 2nd Amendment recognizes the preexisting right to armed self-defense and directs the government to never infringe upon it. Preexisting rights we are born with are often referred to as natural, or God-given, rights.
    The Bible is not necessary to the equation- these rights are our birthright by virtue of being born in the USA- atheists are covered just as believers. If you wish to relinquish this right personally, that is your choice- but you cannot legally do it for others.
    Of course the Bible does tell us that Jesus and his disciples carried that day’s equivalent of modern ‘assault weapons,’ swords, with which to defend themselves (if you’re looking for a Biblical precedent)…

  10. libsmasher commented on Dana Summers 8 days ago

    Oh yeah, it’s ‘stupid’ to block access from those areas from which the disease entered your country. Why would we do such a thing? Certainly nobody else would possibly try to fly here for free treatment or lie about having Ebola, right?
    Oh wait… there are elections coming up in November. The Idiot in the White House has been known, in the past, to postpone unpopular decisions until after elections- can’t lose Democrat party votes, you know. What would the illegal aliens and their relatives think if he started enforcing border laws (aka ‘doing his job’)? So what if he’s breaking the law himself by definition, so what if people die? Keeping Dem idiots in office is the top priority!