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  1. libsmasher commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 2 days ago

    Did the God-Man comic instruct all its readers to slaughter anyone else who did not read the comic?

  2. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 3 days ago

    I enjoyed the speech.
    Of course, it helped that I didn’t watch The Empty Suit reading from The Teleprompter. I read it online, and in my mind it was delivered in the voice of Mel Blanc doing Daffy Duck.
    At the end, when Porky said ’That’s all folks!’, I knew he was referring to our economy after 8 years of 0bama.

  3. libsmasher commented on Brewster Rockit 3 days ago

    I’ve a bad feeling they’re about to get Rickrolled…

  4. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 9 days ago

    I have a hard time thinking of them as human after a certain number of innocent women and children have been slaughtered. (Muslim apologists, note the word ‘innocent’).
    I also have an issue with those who would defend the killers’ actions due to the fear of hurting a Muslim’s feelings somewhere.

  5. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 9 days ago

    Let’s see.. they’ve killed at least 7,000 civilians… drug trafficking… kidnapping… robbery… extortion. They were founded as a “Sunni Islamic fundamentalist sect advocating a strict form of sharia law.”
    And you defend them and say I’m ‘no better’ than them? Their victims might think otherwise, and your delusions are ridiculous.
    This is an example of why many consider liberalism to be a mental defect.

  6. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 9 days ago

    Yes, he mistreated the dog- but at least he didn’t eat it.

  7. libsmasher commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy 9 days ago

    If she keeps wearing that outfit she can make whatever she wants.

  8. libsmasher commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 9 days ago

    Hold on there- most of this could come true if people were to believe their religious books were fiction, but the Spy vs. Spy panel will never happen.

  9. libsmasher commented on Gary Varvel 9 days ago

    It does seem that everyone’s ignoring the wholesale slaughter going on there right now- it’s horrific.
    And yes, it is another Muslim anti-modern civilization group which will have to be eradicated like the inhuman cockroaches they are before people there can live in peace.

  10. libsmasher commented on Jim Morin 11 days ago

    You forgot that liberals want everyone on government handouts to better control the sheep- there is a reason 0 is doing everything in his power to tank the economy and take away our 1st and 2nd amendment rights.