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  1. realthog commented on Tony Auth 9 months ago

    So all those Tea Party crazies who’ve been drooling over the manly Putin are socialists? That explains everything.


    “if Russian troops move into Ukraine proper every soldier and general becomes a war criminal, punishable the same way the leaders of Nazi Germany were punished in Nuremberg!”

    And the same way the leaders of the Bush Administration were punished after the invasion of Iraq!

  2. realthog commented on Glenn McCoy over 1 year ago

    I wonder if McCoy was ever forced to try to live, let alone feed his family, on minimum wage. What a disgusting, mean-spirited cartoon, to make jest of other people’s crippling poverty.

  3. realthog commented on Tom Toles over 1 year ago

    We now know he was looking to get an illegal gun but just had not yet.

    We know nothing of the sort. Come back to the real world from Planet WooWoo.

  4. realthog commented on Ben Sargent over 1 year ago

    Many thanks, Ben Sargent. Ignore the racism apologetics from some of the trolls in the comments.