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  1. LawrenceS commented on Gil Thorp about 1 year ago

    Never been good at catching sarcasm, but agree with Pappaw57. Point is ‘The d**n pitch was so fast I couldn’t see it, but it sounded…’

  2. LawrenceS commented on Dick Tracy over 2 years ago

    Movie studios are a poor way to launder money. Overhead is incredible and profits and losses too closely monitored (and its usually losses). Service industries are best. I believe the Vatican Bank is very good at it (for a moderate piece of the action) but Pope Francis is trying to get them out of the business.

  3. LawrenceS commented on Gil Thorp almost 3 years ago

    to bearwku82: Harry Herkelshimer wrestled under the name Hairy Hercules, which is why the name appears as both Harry and Hairy.

  4. LawrenceS commented on Gil Thorp about 3 years ago

    To chiphilton, the Hairy Hercules story arc was very, very early Berrill. Most of the Berrill strips have been published in trade paperback (although I suspect they are mostly out-of-print). They were not published chronologically, however, which can distort the recall of time relationships.

  5. LawrenceS commented on Gil Thorp about 3 years ago

    In answer to chiphilton. Gil beat Herk in a high school competition. Gil went to the army and Herk became professional wrestler. Gil got a job coaching and Herk’s tour took him to New Milford. He set up a charity match with Gil and was mopping the floor with him, but seeing how much the students loved Gil he let Gil win.

  6. LawrenceS commented on Gil Thorp about 3 years ago

    Hairy Hercules was the professional name of a guy Gil had wrestled back in high school. I think he appeared in the strip in the early 1960s