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  1. LawrenceS commented on Gil Thorp 9 months ago

    to bearwku82: Harry Herkelshimer wrestled under the name Hairy Hercules, which is why the name appears as both Harry and Hairy.

  2. LawrenceS commented on Gil Thorp 9 months ago

    To chiphilton, the Hairy Hercules story arc was very, very early Berrill. Most of the Berrill strips have been published in trade paperback (although I suspect they are mostly out-of-print). They were not published chronologically, however, which can distort the recall of time relationships.

  3. LawrenceS commented on Gil Thorp 9 months ago

    In answer to chiphilton. Gil beat Herk in a high school competition. Gil went to the army and Herk became professional wrestler. Gil got a job coaching and Herk’s tour took him to New Milford. He set up a charity match with Gil and was mopping the floor with him, but seeing how much the students loved Gil he let Gil win.

  4. LawrenceS commented on Gil Thorp 10 months ago

    Hairy Hercules was the professional name of a guy Gil had wrestled back in high school. I think he appeared in the strip in the early 1960s