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  1. ujean commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 1 minute ago

    Nothing with the concept. It was the efforts to scrub their relation to make an American kiddie show that made for some weird moments in the translated stuff.

  2. ujean commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria 4 minutes ago

    The chopper behind that one has the flamethrower.

  3. ujean commented on Graffiti about 8 hours ago

    The working class are the poor.

  4. ujean commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 8 hours ago

    You just said it. And I just laughed. Mission accomplished.

  5. ujean commented on Rose is Rose about 8 hours ago

    Squirrels will test gnaw them too.

  6. ujean commented on Strange Brew about 8 hours ago


  7. ujean commented on Loose Parts about 8 hours ago

    They dig themselves out of their grave, which is hard on their clothes. And the rumor is the funeral directors save some bucks by not putting shoes on the dearly departed.Otherwise the artist is using the classic voodoo zombie as a model. Poorly dressed slave laborers.

  8. ujean commented on U.S. Acres about 8 hours ago

    Death is still recovering from a nasty scythe accident from the last time he tried for Wade.

  9. ujean commented on Ozy and Millie about 24 hours ago

    It is so hard to freak out a parent who has piercing and tattoos.

  10. ujean commented on @Tavicat 1 day ago