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  1. ujean commented on Wizard of Id about 3 hours ago

    Women just assume men haven’t grown up. That gives them 95% accuracy on these things.

  2. ujean commented on The Other Coast about 3 hours ago

    He sleeps through the weekend.

  3. ujean commented on Brewster Rockit about 3 hours ago

    The comic has gone digital.

  4. ujean commented on Bloom County 2016 about 3 hours ago

    NY Post front page, “Huma Cuts Off Weiner!”

  5. ujean commented on Bloom County about 3 hours ago

    Good news. There is a new Dirk Gently series in production.

  6. ujean commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 19 hours ago

    I think that’s the closest big city to Dana. But without the Space Needle nobody can tell it from any other skyline full of skyscrapers.

  7. ujean commented on Ozy and Millie 1 day ago

    Making sacrifices then complaining about it. I think there’s a word for that.

  8. ujean commented on Savage Chickens 1 day ago

    The chicken thinks she’s awesome. And that is the only opinion that counts.

  9. ujean commented on Peanuts 1 day ago

    Romance novels could be written to add a cover scene. Of course they only had a few cover styles and maybe two outlines to write from.

  10. ujean commented on MythTickle 1 day ago

    No but those sunglasses don’t help his aim a bit.