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  1. R French commented on The Big Picture about 21 hours ago

    Are you SURE about that? Vegetarian…another word for one who can’t hunt.
    Neighbor was a vegetarian for nearly 15 years and had all kinds of health problems including 2 instances that were near -fatal. He reverted to being normal and his health improved immensely. Go figure.

  2. R French commented on Free Range about 21 hours ago

    You’re assuming independent groups don’t have an agenda of their own. Besides, what is a reasonable definition of ‘long-term testing? And will ANY of us be around for the results, or even care? You’re also assuming that corporate reasons for genetic mods are automatically bad. Seriously? You actually have a pipeline to their inner circles and can document this? If so, let’s see the information.

  3. R French commented on Tank McNamara about 21 hours ago

    My neighbor about a mile down the road bought a frozen turkey and has had it thawing in her frig for nearly a week and a half. It’s STILL FROZEN! And she’s doing it the same way my wife does when she gets a frozen bird(we got a fresh one this year from a guy who raises them 2 sections over).

  4. R French commented on Strange Brew about 21 hours ago

    It’s the creedo of neo-Liberals everywhere to blame the opposition whenever they can, where-ever they can for whatever they can even though doing so isn’t based on facts or makes any sense at all. Some members of the far-Left actually feel conservatives were the ones who committed 9/11. Never have figured that one out.

  5. R French commented on Wide Open about 22 hours ago

    Wonder if they were jet puf’d marshmallows………
    Oh wait, no jets then…!

  6. R French commented on Working Daze 7 days ago

    My knees, both the titanium one and the real one, beat the meteo guys every time….LOL!

  7. R French commented on Shoe 7 days ago

    I had an uncle like that. He tried to keep the breweries in business the best way he knew how.

  8. R French commented on Strange Brew 7 days ago

    That we KNOW of.

  9. R French commented on Rubes 7 days ago

    And obviously we all know what he did in the woods…..

  10. R French commented on Pickles 7 days ago

    It was patched through the PA system of our school and then we were all sent home early(not that any of us 6th and 7th graders really knew what was happening even watching the TV later that day & evening).