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  1. LouEthelip commented on Luann 6 days ago

    In some ways this week has me feeling like I’m re-watching the final 30 minutes of the final M*A*S*H* episode where everybody is saying goodbye to each other. At least the feelings of sadness of the two feel similar.

  2. LouEthelip commented on Luann 20 days ago

    Boy, that caught me by surprise. I was hoping for a plot twist like Chef Gorden Ramsey stopping bym, tasting his food, then putting him on one of his shows like Hells Kitchen.

  3. LouEthelip commented on Luann 21 days ago

    I’m starting to wonder if T.J. has bothered to post on his van a menu of what he offers so he stops getting these people who are asking,“Do yhou have………”

  4. LouEthelip commented on Luann 22 days ago

    One final thought (just came to me) T.J. seems to have a nitche type of menu so he neds to go out and try to find his nitche crowd. This I can associate with to a point. In the late 80;s I started trying my hand at entertainment. My style of performing to be blunt was differnt. Then one day quite by accident a friend asked me if I would open for his act at a different type of place than I was use to. Well it was different and they ate up my act and gave me my first standing ovation.; Soon I started looking for places like those to perform. Wound up performing for 15 years until health issues took their toll and I couldn’t physically do it anymore. So again T.J. has to find his nitche crowd

  5. LouEthelip commented on Luann 22 days ago

    This customer looks to be an expert on “junk food”. Not only does he have “junk in his trunk” but it has spread to the rest of his body as well.

  6. LouEthelip commented on Luann 29 days ago

    I can’t tell (yet). Is the women trying to be snobbish or is she really that clueless.

  7. LouEthelip commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    The women stil keeps her nose up like she’s snubbing the world. Does she look through it like a pariscope or is she afraid if she level’s it off she’ll develolpe a nosebleed?

  8. LouEthelip commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    (song parody if done by “Wierd” Al Yakovic.

    “Everybody loves a clown (and so does Quill)

  9. LouEthelip commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    I’m waiting for Tiffany to stumble/walk in to the room.

  10. LouEthelip commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    This strip in particular reminds me of the first day I was in the military. It didn’t feel truly real to me until tjhe moment the plant left the runway