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  1. Captain Smokeblower commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    Yeah, Denver. I’m talking to you!

  2. Captain Smokeblower commented on Speed Bump 10 months ago

    I’ve always thought, since a photographic memory is the ability to remember everything you see, then a phonographic memory would be the ability to remember everything you hear.

  3. Captain Smokeblower commented on Working Daze 11 months ago

    Rough losing two greats so close together.

  4. Captain Smokeblower commented on F Minus 12 months ago

    I won’t be surprised if I see someone in one of these next season, and the cartoonist must take ALL the blame. You just DON’T give stupid ideas to American sports fans.

  5. Captain Smokeblower commented on Shoe about 1 year ago

    I’m so old I remember when you rented your phone from AT&T. You couldn’t buy them. You had to rent them.

  6. Captain Smokeblower commented on Betty about 1 year ago

    My computer allows me to keep a digital copy of my signature, which I can paste into pdf documents. The document becomes a legal document, which is why a good password is critical for my computer.

  7. Captain Smokeblower commented on FoxTrot about 1 year ago

    I disagree with MrJimCos. I think we got the joke, understood the “real life” problem, AND realized the “whole” of the cartoon includes the math problem. Everything is there in the cartoon, except the math problem solution.
    We are people who see a math problem and solve it for reasons of our own.
    Growing up I hated doing pages of math problems for school, but since then I look for them and then solve them for fun (OCD?) Sometimes cartoonists include math problems without solutions and I wonder if that artist is being lazy (assuming the math problem isn’t part of the punchline). Mr. Amend is good at including solvable math problems.

  8. Captain Smokeblower commented on FoxTrot about 1 year ago

    It’s great to be among other people who are not afraid to undertake math problems on Sunday morning. Keep up the good work people.

  9. Captain Smokeblower commented on Betty about 1 year ago

    I get a pick-me-up from espresso, but don’t get the sophistication. I wonder if I’m using the wrong roast.
    Oh, and I’d drink several if espresso came with weight loss.

  10. Captain Smokeblower commented on Free Range about 1 year ago

    What are they teaching in school these days! Everyone knows it would be, “Evan is a miserable cretin squared.”