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  1. Captain Smokeblower commented on Betty about 16 hours ago

    My computer allows me to keep a digital copy of my signature, which I can paste into pdf documents. The document becomes a legal document, which is why a good password is critical for my computer.

  2. Captain Smokeblower commented on FoxTrot 5 days ago

    I disagree with MrJimCos. I think we got the joke, understood the “real life” problem, AND realized the “whole” of the cartoon includes the math problem. Everything is there in the cartoon, except the math problem solution.
    We are people who see a math problem and solve it for reasons of our own.
    Growing up I hated doing pages of math problems for school, but since then I look for them and then solve them for fun (OCD?) Sometimes cartoonists include math problems without solutions and I wonder if that artist is being lazy (assuming the math problem isn’t part of the punchline). Mr. Amend is good at including solvable math problems.

  3. Captain Smokeblower commented on FoxTrot 6 days ago

    It’s great to be among other people who are not afraid to undertake math problems on Sunday morning. Keep up the good work people.

  4. Captain Smokeblower commented on Betty about 1 month ago

    I get a pick-me-up from espresso, but don’t get the sophistication. I wonder if I’m using the wrong roast.
    Oh, and I’d drink several if espresso came with weight loss.

  5. Captain Smokeblower commented on Free Range 3 months ago

    What are they teaching in school these days! Everyone knows it would be, “Evan is a miserable cretin squared.”

  6. Captain Smokeblower commented on Grand Avenue 3 months ago

    I’m retired in Arizona and I’m about to rake leaves for the second time this fall. The oak trees have all dropped their leaves, but the sapling oaks from acorns the squirrels buried last year (and subsequently forgot) are just starting to turn gold. I may ignore them. Today I will clean the pine needles out of the rain gutter in preparation for winter snow. Our town has a message board that earlier this month displayed, “The average pine tree loses 30% of its needles in the fall. Our pine trees are exceptional.” My rain gutter and yard prove that. I live in the largest stand of Ponderosa pines in the WORLD, and yes, it’s in Arizona. Many Arizonans don’t know about this part of the state. Those that do know, come up here in the summer to get out of the Valley (Phoenix area) heat. Though I will admit not many people retire here to avoid the cold.

  7. Captain Smokeblower commented on Wizard of Id 6 months ago

    Yes, it comes in powder form when very cold, though it tends to clump. You reconstitute it by adding water.

  8. Captain Smokeblower commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Luann, herself, will need some jump juice to make her role in this comic as interesting as Gunther’s looks to be in the future.
    But then that’s true looking at other peoples’ lives from our individual perspective. With the characters going off in different directions there may be too many story arcs to follow . . . there a wedding coming up too!

    Best wishes for the author’s creative juices generator in the coming years.

  9. Captain Smokeblower commented on Baldo 9 months ago

    I’ve found people who believe Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday (which the store ad suggests) but it’s a Hispanic American celebration of heritage (which would explain Baldo’s reaction), exactly like Columbus Day (not an Italian holiday) and St. Patrick’s Day (not an Irish holiday), which I guess made May the Fourth be with you a geek celebration.

    Sorry if I ruined the joke for you all by explaining it.

  10. Captain Smokeblower commented on Arlo and Janis 9 months ago

    Because I have three adult children in relationships I emphasize with Arlo and Janis in their concern and attention to their child’s life . . . and yes, I understand these are fictional characters.