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  1. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur about 9 hours ago

    Wow…seriously? That pretty much illustrates my point, which only serves to be that much more confounding. Does he think it’s a documentary rather than a simple comic strip? I wonder if he thinks the Road Runner and the coyote are real and that those cartoons were nature films.

  2. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur about 15 hours ago

    What I truly find confounding is why you, and people like you, bother to read comics. The comics, and this forum, are meant to be diversion from the seriousness of real life. Lighten up. You’ll live a longer, healthier life.

  3. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur 17 days ago

    Wow. A lot of delusional projection going on today to rationalize preconceived dogma. For those of you who may not be familiar with this psychological phenomenon, here’s an explanation.


    I know for most of those who are in the deepest denial of reality, this will bounce right off your forehead, but hopefully it will help others wake up. Not holding my breath though.

  4. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur 17 days ago

    Which god?

  5. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Yes, like I said, “trickle down” was simply a catch phrase used to promote the latest version of supply side economics to convince the general public to vote against their own best interest. This economic policy sounds great. I bought into it when I was a young man and didn’t know any better. The problem is the same as communism. They’re two sides of the same coin in that the great sounding theory only works by the benevolence by those at the top of the pyramid. The fatal flaw for both theories is human nature. The money stays at the top with the powerful. Conservatives keep repeating the supply side theory as if it’s been proven sound, when in fact, it has always led to a collapsed economy…the depression of 1873 (everyone seems to forget about that one), the Great Depression, the recession in the 80’s and again in 2008, which actually started back in 2006 thanks to the gutting of banking and trade regulations…you know, those things that were put in place following the Great Depression to PREVENT another economic collapse. I’m one who tries to learn from experience and change my views when I see something doesn’t work. That’s what real conservatives used to do. Unless you mindlessly follow right wing extremist dogma, regardless of many times it’s proved to be disastrous, you are not considered a conservative. Nixon and Goldwater today would drummed out to the Republican party today as they’d be seen as flaming liberals.

  6. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    The “trickle down” theory was a simplified term by Arthur Laffer to help people understand his economic theory called “The Laffer Curve”, which was nothing more than another version of supply side economics. It only became a pejorative when it proved to be disastrous, tanking the economy as has happened EVERY time supply side economics has been deployed when conservative extremists get control of the government. But you knew that, right?

    And there’s no such thing as “demand economics”. But if you’re referring to the economic policies that brought this country out of the depression (brought about by supply side economics), leading to a strong middle class, and that during the ’90s, once again bringing the country back from a deep recession (brought about by supply side economics) leading to 8 years of prosperity and a budget surplus, ending in 2000 when the Bush (Cheney, actually) administration, along with the Republican-held congress destroyed it overnight by bringing back supply side economics, resulting, once again as it always does, with a collapsed economy, then by all means, let us have that “demand” economic policy again.

    But you knew all that, right?

  7. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    Then why are you here and posting?

  8. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur 2 months ago

    “Sorry to burst your right-wing propaganda bubbles but banks eagerly and aggressively pursued sub-prime borrowers. It was an incredibly lucrative business. And they are returning to the ways of old, nothing has really changed in that arena.”
    Ironically, they’re validating the accuracy of yesterday’s cartoon.

  9. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur 3 months ago

    Yes. Exactly the point of the cartoon.

  10. Dr.silly commented on Non Sequitur 3 months ago

    Yes, many here, including me, consider launching an invasion on a country that did nothing to us nor had anything to do with 9/11, trumped up on manufactured claims of non-existent WMD’s and subsequently tanking the economy to the point of a depression with misguided policies coupled with the expense of carrying on TWO wars quite a bit worse than any mistakes Obama has made. At what point do actual results mean anything to you and other Bush apologists?