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  1. dbartley53 commented on JumpStart about 1 month ago

    If you look at yesterdays strip you can see the dogs head and paws in the first panel.

  2. dbartley53 commented on Adult Children 5 months ago

    Everything pre-packaged is shrinking. Went to buy a package of Jerky yesterday and the major brands are down to 2.75oz per pack. But he price is the same as you paid for 4oz a few years ago.

  3. dbartley53 commented on Connie to the Wonnie 5 months ago

    I LIKE DST, what I don’t like is the changeover. Where I live by geography we should be in the eastern time zone but due to the unfathomable logic of time zone borders we are central time. Even on DST in mid-summer the sun sets at 8PM and it is dark by 8:30. It should be daylight time all the time. So called "standard time is only in effect 1/3 of the year anyway.

  4. dbartley53 commented on Drabble 5 months ago

    The best explanation I have seen for the pass instead of the run is that whoever scored the winning touchdown would be MVP. Wilson throws winning TD. Wilson is MVP.Mashawn Lynch runs winning TD. Lynch is MVP. Lynch’s contract is up for negotiation this year. Wilsons is not. A combination of economics and who do you want to be the hero.

  5. dbartley53 commented on Heart of the City 6 months ago

    I think this is a little overblown. I’ve had 2 wisdom teeth removed. Shot of Novocain, roll them suckers out, pack with gauze, go home. Hurts some for a few hours after the anesthetic wears off and you’re good to go.

  6. dbartley53 commented on Freshly Squeezed 6 months ago

    Our department head wouldn’t allow any kind of recording in his classes. He didn’t want a record getting back to the Dean of the constant string of derogatory comments he would direct at the students.

  7. dbartley53 commented on Basic Instructions 6 months ago

    Ha! Love the Coos Bay bar reference! Scott you are a true Oregonian.

  8. dbartley53 commented on Freshly Squeezed 7 months ago

    By now all their investments have recovered and gone far beyond the pre crash value. Check out the stock market. Their kids should be living with them!

  9. dbartley53 commented on FoxTrot Classics 7 months ago

    The Rose Bowl, where the Oregon Ducks will trounce Florida State and set up the showdown with Bama. If Oregon wins the championship I’m having a tee shirt made with Donald Duck stomping on an elephant and wearing it to work every day for a month to taunt my Crimson Tide fanatic buddy.

  10. dbartley53 commented on Grand Avenue 7 months ago

    12:01 Still up putting presents under the tree.
    9AM Nobody awake yet.