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  1. Leeroy commented on Rose is Rose 10 days ago

    I have 4 cats. Mealtime is as follows: 4 cats come over to me and bother me to go feed them. One winds around my ankles, another taps me on the arm, claws just barely out to get my attention, and yet another meows like a squeaky hinge. The other one reclines nearby on the floor and stares at me.

    When I do feed them, i have to put arm-tapper in his own room with a bowl or the ankle winder and the recliner wolf down their food then come take his. The meower won’t touch wet food, only kibble. She gets hers after the boys are set with their wet food, or she’d get shoved aside as she’s very small and non-dominant.

    The lesson of the story? If Rose got another cat, Peekaboo would quickly find that finickiness meant going hungry.

  2. Leeroy commented on The Born Loser 14 days ago

    In this town we have a Japanese restaurant with excellent sushi. I order it to go. The “sit on the floor” setup is adjusted for Western folks: The table is in a sunken area with a surrounding bench. You step into the sunken area and sit on the bench, with the slightly raised table creating the illusion that the diners are sitting on the floor.

  3. Leeroy commented on Pooch Cafe 15 days ago

    Put a cone of shame on the little beast.

  4. Leeroy commented on FoxTrot 17 days ago

    You aren’t missing much of anything. The veteran players, on the other hand, will recognize my handle.

  5. Leeroy commented on FoxTrot 17 days ago

    Kill ten rats: that’s the follow-on quest series to get snackbar faction.

  6. Leeroy commented on Overboard 20 days ago

    That’s the kind of caddy any golfer would love!

  7. Leeroy commented on Overboard 23 days ago

    I have plenty of milkweed in my yard by the waterside, but I haven’t seen a monarch butterfly in a long time. Not sure why. I don’t use insecticides.

  8. Leeroy commented on Rose is Rose 26 days ago

    I caught a grackle sleeping on my back lawn last week. I walked right up to it and stood there, thinking I might be able to touch it. Just then it woke up and squawked in shock, staggered to its feet, and fluttered over to the fence. I followed to see if it was ok. It squawked again and this time got airborne normally. Yes, it was an adult bird. Probably exhausted from feeding its young; they were fledging this week.

  9. Leeroy commented on Broom Hilda 26 days ago


  10. Leeroy commented on FoxTrot Classics about 1 month ago

    Many years ago, my mother washed my sister’s new red coat in a load that included my brother’s jockstrap. He was NOT happy with the pink result since he had to wear it in PE class the next day.