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  1. Leeroy commented on For Better or For Worse 12 days ago

    Hah. Reminds me of way back when I was a kid. Teenage kid from down the street was caught peeping into my next-door neighbors’ bathroom while the wife was showering. Husband saw the kid and chased him through the backyard and would have caught him if the kid hadn’t kicked him in the face as he climbed over the fence.

  2. Leeroy commented on Momma 13 days ago

    RIP Mell…. you will be missed. I have fond memories of the Miss Peach strip as well as Momma.

  3. Leeroy commented on Sarah's Scribbles 13 days ago

    Let’s just say “there’s no sphincter on the reproductive system” and leave it at that.

  4. Leeroy commented on Pooch Cafe 13 days ago

    The hubby tells of fighting in the house with his brother. Mom told them to go outside to do that. So they did. Wasn’t 30 seconds before mom yelled for them to come back inside (because the neighbors would see and report the details, suitably distorted, all over their small town).

  5. Leeroy commented on Pooch Cafe 13 days ago

    I’m sure that cartoonists are much like comedians…. constantly stealing each others materials.

  6. Leeroy commented on The Flying McCoys 20 days ago

    Feel the burn!

  7. Leeroy commented on Close to Home 28 days ago

    See if his favorite player’s uniform number is shaved into his back!

  8. Leeroy commented on The Born Loser 28 days ago

    I actually have dined in a restaurant where the waiter didn’t write down a thing…. and everything was right when it arrived. Near-perfect dining experience marred only by the long wait to get in…and the gimpy chair I sat in (uneven leg).

  9. Leeroy commented on Rose is Rose about 1 month ago

    I have 4 cats. Mealtime is as follows: 4 cats come over to me and bother me to go feed them. One winds around my ankles, another taps me on the arm, claws just barely out to get my attention, and yet another meows like a squeaky hinge. The other one reclines nearby on the floor and stares at me.

    When I do feed them, i have to put arm-tapper in his own room with a bowl or the ankle winder and the recliner wolf down their food then come take his. The meower won’t touch wet food, only kibble. She gets hers after the boys are set with their wet food, or she’d get shoved aside as she’s very small and non-dominant.

    The lesson of the story? If Rose got another cat, Peekaboo would quickly find that finickiness meant going hungry.

  10. Leeroy commented on The Born Loser about 1 month ago

    In this town we have a Japanese restaurant with excellent sushi. I order it to go. The “sit on the floor” setup is adjusted for Western folks: The table is in a sunken area with a surrounding bench. You step into the sunken area and sit on the bench, with the slightly raised table creating the illusion that the diners are sitting on the floor.