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  1. Mark Zwaan commented on Reality Check 2 days ago

    I hate people who don’t finish their

  2. Mark Zwaan commented on WuMo 6 days ago

    Guess he’ll just have to play 4’33 by John Cage several times then.

  3. Mark Zwaan commented on FoxTrot 7 days ago

    I think I know that one. When the first guy comes home from vacation he asks his friend – who’s been feeding the cat and taking care of his grandmother – if anything much happened. And the friend responds with: “Well, for starters your cat died”. To which the first guy responds: "That’s pretty rude to inform me of something so horrible in such a direct way. You could at least have softened the blow by giving it a short introduction. You could’ve told me a little story, like: “Your cat was playing in the front yard and then he hit his ball of wool onto the road and when he chased it he got hit by a car.” That way I would’ve been prepared for the sad news. By the way, how is my grandmother doing? To which his friend responds: “Funny you should ask, she was playing in the front yard and then she accidentally hit her ball of wool onto the road…”

  4. Mark Zwaan commented on Liberty Meadows 9 days ago

    A better strategy is to rub the top of the can on the surface of a smooth rock. You’ll wear down the metal and after a while the top can be easily pried off. Or so I’ve been told, I always buy cans you can pull open without needing a can opener.

  5. Mark Zwaan commented on Liberty Meadows 15 days ago

    For those readers (like me) who don’t know what Nyquil is: NyQuil is a medicine used to relief the symptoms of the common cold and is also used as a sleeping aid.

  6. Mark Zwaan commented on Garfield 22 days ago

    Or you could just press the ‘open’ button on your car key. And if you hold it down it will even lower the windows for some fresh air. Guess John never read his car manual…

  7. Mark Zwaan commented on Cul de Sac 29 days ago

    And if he doesn’t like them in ecru they also have the same pants in other colors such as: slate, stone, light grey, pebble, mouse grey, taupe and khaki.

  8. Mark Zwaan commented on Calvin and Hobbes 29 days ago

    Reminds me of a sketch by the Umbilical Brothers called “Velcro World”.

  9. Mark Zwaan commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 1 month ago

    Well, at least he’s getting close: 3×8=8+8+8. So if the sheep adds the plus signs in the next panel, Horace might actually solve this one.

  10. Mark Zwaan commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 1 month ago

    I think Hobbes realises in panel 4 that this means another visit to the dryer. Something he’s not a big fan off (especially if mom uses the cold rinse cycle).