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  1. Mark Zwaan commented on Dark Side of the Horse 4 days ago

    Well, at least he’s getting close: 3×8=8+8+8. So if the sheep adds the plus signs in the next panel, Horace might actually solve this one.

  2. Mark Zwaan commented on Calvin and Hobbes 18 days ago

    I think Hobbes realises in panel 4 that this means another visit to the dryer. Something he’s not a big fan off (especially if mom uses the cold rinse cycle).

  3. Mark Zwaan commented on Eek! 26 days ago

    A Devil Among the Tailors – At the Drive-In
    A Devil for Me – Black Veil Brides
    A Night With The Jersey Devil – Bruce Springsteen
    Beat The Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Ddevil – System of a Down
    Devil and Daughter – Black Sabbath
    Devil Beside You – The Used
    Devil In Disguise – Elvis Presley
    Devil In Jersey City – Coheed and Cambria
    Devil In My Car – The B-52’s
    Devil Inside – INXS
    Devil With The Blue Dress On – Mitch Ryder And The Detroit Wheels
    Devil You – Stampeders
    Devilicious – Angelspit
    Devil’s Child – Judas Priest
    Devil’s Dance Floor – Flogging Molly
    Devil’s Food – Alice Cooper
    Devils Haircut – Beck
    Devil’s Right Hand – Steve Earle
    Devilution – High On Fire
    Dust Devil – Butthole Surfers
    Eyes of the Devil – Seether
    Friend Of The Devil – Counting Crows
    I’m Dealing With The Devil – Sonny boy Williamson
    Kung-Fu Devil – AFI
    Lil’ Devil – The Cult
    Runnin’ With the Devil – Van Halen
    Shake Hands With The Devil – The Mahones
    Snake Devil – Scary Kids Scaring Kids
    Speak of the Devil – The Misfits
    Spellbound (By The Devil) – Dimmu Borgir
    Sympathy for the Devil – Guns N Roses
    Sympathy For The Devil – The Rolling Stones
    The Devil & Me – Clutch
    The Devil Inside – The Word Alive
    The Devil Is Laughing – Scissormen
    The Devil Loves You – AFI
    The Devil Made Me Do It – Thunder
    The Devil Went Down To Georgia – The Charlie Daniels Band
    The Devils Rejects – Rob Zombie
    To Beat The Devil – Kris Kristofferson
    Vodevil – Marilyn Manson
    You’re The Devil In Disguise – Elvis Presley

  4. Mark Zwaan commented on Looks Good on Paper 28 days ago

    As a Dutchman that joke doesn’t make any sense, since we pronounce his name completely differently to both the English and the Americans. According the to pronunciation unit of the BBC:

    “most Dutch people pronounce his surname along the lines of vun KHOKH (-v as in vet, -u as in bun, -kh as in Scottish loch) or fun KHOKH (-f as in fit, -u as in bun, -kh as in Scottish loch).”

    Which sounds more like we’ve got something stuck in our throats and are trying to cough it up and doesn’t rhyme with ‘dough’ at all.

  5. Mark Zwaan commented on Frazz 28 days ago

    Made me think of the poem “The Chaos” (1922) by Dutch literary Gerard Nost Trenité (aka Charivarius). It’s a poem that introduces students of the English language to 800 examples of English words that are difficult to pronounce because of how they are written. (just Google: Dearest creature in creation).

  6. Mark Zwaan commented on Ink Pen about 1 month ago

    He should probably axe someone for help with that word.

  7. Mark Zwaan commented on WuMo about 1 month ago

    @The Cat and Ape: just watch Cowspiracy. Or visit the website, it has links to all the documentation you’re asking for.

  8. Mark Zwaan commented on Pickles about 1 month ago

    If she had put the short fork on the outside, he would have grabbed it for his salad. Don’t blame Earl for your own sloppy table setting Opal…

  9. Mark Zwaan commented on Brewster Rockit about 1 month ago

    Fun fact: “Daisy Bell” was composed by Harry Dacre in 1892. In 1961, the IBM 7094 became the first computer to sing, singing the song Daisy Bell. It was the inspiration for the famous scene in 2001 a space odyssey.

  10. Mark Zwaan commented on Dilbert Classics about 1 month ago

    When I worked at the bakery department of a supermarket we had the same problem with white bread and whole wheat bread. About three hours before closing time (sometimes even sooner) we would run completely out of whole wheat bread and we would only have nine varieties of white bread in stock. Apparently the amounts in which both kinds of bread were ordered by the computer was based on statistical sale numbers. But those numbers only look at your actual sales and not at the demand, i.e. what you could have sold if you would have had it in stock. You’d think that with modern software (big data and such) they’d be able to change that. But to my amazement when I go to a supermarket nowadays (twenty years later) the situation is exactly the same. If I go shopping after five o’ clock I can choose from nine varieties of white bread but the whole wheat bread is completely sold out.
    It’s probably the same with clothes, the ‘popular’ sizes (average person sizes) are sold out first (within a few days) and then the stores spend weeks or even months selling the other sizes at discount prices. So in the end all sizes that were ordered are sold so statistically speaking there is no reason to change the amounts in the next order.
    A smart purchase program would look at the speed at which certain size clothes (or other items) are being sold and order more of those items that are sold out quickly and less of those that are only sold after a long time at a huge discount. But apparently they have yet to come up with such an algorithm.