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  1. Bodoc commented on Matt Wuerker over 3 years ago

    As does Google and their corporate sponsors who, apparently, just happen to know what ads to put on my screen….

  2. Bodoc commented on Glenn McCoy over 3 years ago

    Amazing how the angry trolls are so attracted to McCoy’s stuff.

    Asked an octogenarian Conservative friend why he listens to Fox News all day. He gave the best reply I’ve every heard:

    “Because they tell me what I want to hear.”

  3. Bodoc commented on Michael Ramirez over 3 years ago

    Free stuff — like corporate subsidies, wars with fought by opc( other people’s children) and borrowed money?

    Or do you mean grampa’s Social Security?

  4. Bodoc commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    Orwell predicted the Fox “News”/ Frank Luntz phenomenon.
    As far as snooping? It’s bad (like driving while Black, voting while Hispanic, etc) — snooping while Democrat.

  5. Bodoc commented on Mike Luckovich over 3 years ago

    Hmmm….I wonder if enough climate change deniers were wearing their aluminum foil hats, the “solar flares” (which, somehow, just happened to occur simultaneously with dramatic increases in manmade atmospheric CO2) the heat would be reflected back into space and save us from skin cancer….

  6. Bodoc commented on Michael Ramirez over 3 years ago

    Classic “begging the question” fallacy — asserting that which must be proved. Apparently, Issa’s efforts in that regard are circling the drain. That being said, the latest ways to “rig” an election are the GOP’s favorites: voter suppression, unlimited anonymous funding and gerrymandered districts.