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  1. Skyrider commented on Wizard of Id 1 day ago

    Actually, the huns were simply lowering the height of the rabbit so it would fit through the gate.

  2. Skyrider commented on Rubes 1 day ago

    The only reason they were callsed “right whales” is because they were the right ones to hunt. They were so full of valuable whale oil they floated to the surface after being killed, and their baleen was used for dress hoops and other purposes. For these poor creatures, being “right” was definitely wrong.

  3. Skyrider commented on Loose Parts 3 days ago

    It’s actually pronounced tizzy-tizzy, not see-see :)

  4. Skyrider commented on Animal Crackers 3 days ago

    nguvu kama faru

  5. Skyrider commented on Rubes 8 days ago

    It IS the top. It’s hanging upside down.

  6. Skyrider commented on Close to Home 9 days ago

    Finally, he gets to experience life outdoors.

  7. Skyrider commented on Adam@Home 9 days ago

    And you could tell “that stuff” made him weird how, Laura? Compared to how Adam normally acts, I mean.

  8. Skyrider commented on Betty 13 days ago

    I bought two pairs of those for my grandkids, ages 3 and 5. First thing the 3 year old did was snap the hinge and turn them into normal chopsticks!

  9. Skyrider commented on Animal Crackers 14 days ago

    And dodos don’t live, period.

  10. Skyrider commented on Buni 19 days ago

    Zebras endangered? First I’ve heard of it.