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  1. Ben_Jammin commented on Peanuts about 9 hours ago

    That’s the whole Peanuts gang: a bunch of lame-brained pushovers and a little selfish cxnt.

  2. Ben_Jammin commented on Drabble 7 days ago

    Well as long as she’s paying for it……….She DID pay for it, right? Or did she ask to borrow his money for a Father’s Day gift?

  3. Ben_Jammin commented on Rose is Rose 16 days ago

    That monster is in the closet in more than just the literal sense.

  4. Ben_Jammin commented on Rose is Rose 16 days ago

    Don’t get mad ’cause you allow other cats to roam around in your household, Jimbo.

  5. Ben_Jammin commented on Drabble 16 days ago

    Or it’s just her who’s stupid.

  6. Ben_Jammin commented on Calvin and Hobbes 16 days ago

    As well as wit and intelligence.

  7. Ben_Jammin commented on Scary Gary 20 days ago

    But the story involves misery, pain, massacre, wholesale bloodshed, evil triumphing…and you’re not interested in hearing about it, Leo?

  8. Ben_Jammin commented on Drabble 20 days ago

    So they got a duck, a cat, a dog that gets far more attention than anyone else in the strip it seems, and a fish. Heck, why not take in the badger?

  9. Ben_Jammin commented on Wizard of Id 21 days ago

    It’s those thunder thighs. Now cover ’em up.

  10. Ben_Jammin commented on Scary Gary 21 days ago

    Leo does feel fear. This is good…