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  1. Rauderi commented on B.C. about 18 hours ago

    Last I checked, the print used in U.S. money has animal-based inks. And credit cards are plastic, which come from dinosaurs.
    So.. how do vegans pay for anything?

  2. Rauderi commented on Get Fuzzy 2 days ago

    2007, apparently.

  3. Rauderi commented on Poptropica 8 days ago

    Like a couple of tons of combat-grade steel? :P

  4. Rauderi commented on Breaking Cat News 16 days ago

    So much smug in today’s strip. XD
    Also, panel 4, cover up the “c” for a secret message.
    “Yeah…” … NO. :P

  5. Rauderi commented on Candorville about 1 month ago

    The name of the phenomenon escapes me, but there IS data to support that people will ignore proof and information that doesn’t support their bias, especially common in the overly religious.

  6. Rauderi commented on Zen Pencils about 1 month ago

    Theories are SUPPORTED, not proven. LAWS are effectively proven, until such time we find a way around those as well.
    The point of a theory is that it can be tested via experimentation, and, if correct, have those experiments produce consistent results. That looks a lot like “proof,” but one must be careful when using “proof” or “proven.”

  7. Rauderi commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    Dodo coffee. Yup, that’s about how I feel about it.

  8. Rauderi commented on Breaking Cat News about 1 month ago

    There are certain things I don’t need to be reading at work. :)

  9. Rauderi commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    I don’t even bother with white socks anymore. Or white clothes anymore. It’s time to stop the clothing segregation and.. wait, sorry, not a political blog. :P

    Really though, life hack: Only have colored clothes. Then everything goes in the wash anytime. :)

  10. Rauderi commented on Poptropica 2 months ago

    What is Batman without his money and gadgets?
    …A highly trained martial artist that can still murder people on a whim if he didn’t have moral standards. :P