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  1. Rauderi commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 14 hours ago

    I say this every day in traffic.
    Sadly, hasn’t happened once.
    …Unless you count the sinkholes in Florida?

  2. Rauderi commented on Calvin and Hobbes 15 days ago

    20 years later, still relevant. >_>

  3. Rauderi commented on Poptropica 18 days ago

    Disciples of the netherworld? Nah. The real power behind college campuses, definitely. >_>

  4. Rauderi commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 1 month ago

    For that, there would be a few = signs in there. :P

  5. Rauderi commented on Working Daze 2 months ago

    If we work together, we don’t have to work as hard.
    …I see why Ed values it so much. =P

  6. Rauderi commented on Candorville 2 months ago

    …“and Hunger Games isn’t good.”
    Fixed that for you.

  7. Rauderi commented on Luann 3 months ago

    If I recall right, it’s compulsory, but they also have a week to vote. We might get more voter turnout if we did the same. …The week part, not the compulsory part. :P

  8. Rauderi commented on Dark Side of the Horse 3 months ago

    It’s not worth it until next week anyway. Come patch day, those sun rays and birds will look mighty fine. :P

  9. Rauderi commented on Poptropica 3 months ago

    Wait.. what was the minotaur doing with that many tuxes? :P

  10. Rauderi commented on Beardo 3 months ago

    Not a very good manager if she can’t even make her own coffee. Just sayin’.