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  1. Monster Hesh commented on JumpStart about 9 hours ago

    I dunno, that stuffed Batsuit is pretty scary. Does someone have to wheel Joe around on a cart?

    Just remember (DIRTY NUKES!!) that today’s news (SHARIA LAW!!), world or local (DEATH PANELS!!), is only scary (EBOLAAAAAH!!) when it wants to be (dismissive sneer about climate change) and its only concern is profit (DUCT TAPE!!) or political service (CODE ORANGE!!).

  2. Monster Hesh commented on JumpStart 1 day ago

    Are you this pleasant to be around on every holiday, or just the ones involving food?

  3. Monster Hesh commented on JumpStart 3 days ago

    I’d stay away from Mantydad’s house if I were you.

  4. Monster Hesh commented on Monty 4 days ago


  5. Monster Hesh commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 8 days ago

    Took a poll, did you? Would you like to point us towards your research, or would that just lead up your rear end?
    Face it: It’s a racist term and it’s not even the team’s original name. There’s a reason you and yours are defending it so stridently, and we all know what that reason is.

  6. Monster Hesh commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 8 days ago

    Has everyone already forgotten that beautiful takedown Stephen Colbert performed on a gaggle of typical Washington fans? They were blipping off all the talking points you see above—until Colbert’s team brought several real-life (and not pleased) Native Americans into the room, at which point the happy chatty fans got very, very quiet…until they were once again “safe,” whereupon they began crying loudly about how their First Amendment rights were unfairly violated and yadda yadda yadda boo hoo mah privilege.

  7. Monster Hesh commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 8 days ago

    Actual fact: George Preston Marshall, who changed the team’s name to “Redskins,” was a bigot who had “Dixie” played before games and expressed ‘interesting’ views on African-Americans. (That’s right, it’s not even the team’s original name.) And Marshall’s own granddaughter has publicly stated that the name should be changed.

    Unlike Whiz’s irrelevant “fact because I say it is,” you can actually verify everything I just stated with minimal Googling.

  8. Monster Hesh commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 8 days ago

    “I was under the impression…”
    Translation: “I don’t know anything about the issue and don’t care to learn.”

    “Actual native Americans don’t really give a crap”
    Translation: “I reject reality and substitute my own! Less work! No worrisome ethical questions to bother my tiny pea-brain!”

    “holier than though white liberals”
    Translation: “Look everyone, I’m dumb as a post! A wooden post! Not a forum post! DURRRRR

  9. Monster Hesh commented on JumpStart 12 days ago

    Well, David’s convinced me. I’m going to live in a box and do absolutely nothing except eat bland food and work (and when I have free time and feel extravagant, I’ll sleep and maybe even poop). That way, by the time I’m dead I’ll be rich! Yay! Surely a joyless existence will guarantee entrance into a Heaven for which I have no solid evidence, right?

  10. Monster Hesh commented on Heavenly Nostrils 12 days ago

    It would be awkward and rude to invite Dakota and not invite the goblin that lives in her hair.