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  1. Monster Hesh commented on Peanuts 2 days ago

    “In fact, the only classmate who even talks to me anymore is Cole, who keeps talking about seeing dead people. Oh, and that weird kid from Colorado who says ‘red rum’ to his pinkie finger…”

  2. Monster Hesh commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 13 days ago

    Don’t ever try it with a regular horse, kiddo. You’ll lose ALL SORTS of teeth.

  3. Monster Hesh commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 19 days ago

    That Panel Two face.

  4. Monster Hesh commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 20 days ago

    Super cool story, bro. I liked the part where every woman in Oregon turned into a crackhead.

  5. Monster Hesh commented on Monty 23 days ago

    I thought all the sobbing tea-babies already left the strip, slamming the door behind them. Why are they still here? Do they need an expensive government bail-out program to show them the exit?

  6. Monster Hesh commented on Monty 25 days ago

    Ha ha ha! Oh, MERCY.

    Hey Two, can you name the last five American presidents to grant some form of amnesty to undocumented workers? I’ll give you a hint: they were the last five American presidents. Including the Republicans! Even Ronald! Heck, especially Ronald!

    And if you ever meet an American who’s harder working than the average undocumented worker, could you PLEASE try to stop your party from driving them into poverty?

    (This is the part where you hide away your tri-corner hat and Gadsden flag T-shirt and pretend you’re “independent,” which will just make me laugh even harder.)

  7. Monster Hesh commented on Monty 25 days ago

    Don’t kill him, Monty! Throw him over the border! Extradite the war criminal!

  8. Monster Hesh commented on Monty 27 days ago

    Y’gotta love all the butthurt tea-yokels pretending to have been reading Monty for ages, as though this were his first bit of political satire.

    It’s almost as convincing as one of those letters to the editor that starts off with “I’ve been a lifelong liberal Democrat, but” then flies into a foamy-mouthed tantrum about how (name of liberal politician) should be tarred, feathered and executed.

  9. Monster Hesh commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 28 days ago

    And what made the snowball melt? The Sun, getting hotter, for reasons! It’s SCIENCE! Earth’s atmosphere has actually been COOLING DOWN (at night) for years!! CHECKMATE, all you stupid people who know what you’re talking about!

  10. Monster Hesh commented on Monty 28 days ago

    Tear his head off, Monty! Do it for America!