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  1. Brutatowski commented on (th)ink 6 months ago

    Many of these guys are getting a free education at major universities, about a $40,000 value even at an inexpensive school if you are out of state. It also gives them a shot at going into the pros if they do well, a minimum salary of a couple of hundred grand there. What other students at these schools get opportunities near that sweet?
    My beef with some of the universities is that they don’t take that revenue that is earned from football and put it back into the school so they can lower tuition for those who have to pay to be there. They build state of the art workout rooms and other nonsense that also benefits these football players.

  2. Brutatowski commented on Jim Morin 6 months ago

    Actually our biggest expenditure is entitlement spending. Over 40% of the budget and rising quickly. The aging babyboomer population is about to push that through the roof.

  3. Brutatowski commented on Nick Anderson 6 months ago

    Wow the mind of a white supremacist and Al Sharpton are identical. Who knew?

  4. Brutatowski commented on Tom Toles 6 months ago

    Actually what we need is a transparent government where every dime spent is posted on the internet for all to see. Every bill posted, along with the names of those who voted for and against. Lastly, lawmakers would be required to post every meeting with every lobbyist, and every gift given (each gift would also be counted as imputed income and taxes paid on it). These three things would weed out some of the corruption and stupidity.

  5. Brutatowski commented on Gary Varvel 6 months ago

    Letterman lost his unique edge years ago and just become lazy. At that time I stopped watching. Then in his later years he allowed himself to become a boot licker for a politician.
    I often wonder what the Letterman of 1982 would think of the Letterman of 2014 sucking to a President the way he does. The old Letterman never backed off of making fun of anyone.

  6. Brutatowski commented on Chan Lowe 7 months ago

    Actually what we need is a maximum wage in Washington d.c.

  7. Brutatowski commented on Paul Szep 7 months ago

    Szep forgot about George Soros.

  8. Brutatowski commented on Paul Szep 7 months ago

    Szep forgot about George Soros.

  9. Brutatowski commented on (th)ink 7 months ago

    If we want to complain about income inequality we need look no further than what we are paying our elected public servants in Washington. Those on the hill average $173000/ year while the average American salary is $35000, down from $40000 just a few years ago. We also give them pension and benefits that the rest of have no chance of seeing.
    If anyone really wants to know what they’re talking about when it comes to the rich read “The Millionaire Next Door”, a well researched book that dispels a lot of myths about the wealthy.

  10. Brutatowski commented on Nick Anderson 8 months ago

    Bush was not perfect; however, when we say that saddam had no weapons we have to wonder about the transmissions that were monitored out of Iraq in which his top generals talked about the weapons. Leading up to the invasion there were transmissions in which they were told not to refer to the weapons.
    Also, in the months leading up to the war, when we were trying to get cooperation from the U.N. ( whose leader had been in business with Saddam) I remember seeing former intelligence analysts saying that Saddam was currently moving weapons into Syria, but for some reason Bush did not pursue that. During the Obama administration we learned that Syriua did, in fact, have weapons.