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  1. SMMAssociates commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 20 days ago

    Ran into a similar elevator back in the early 50’s somewhere between here and Jackson Mississippi. No floors, just sort of steps on a belt that ran between floors in a car repair place. Dad’s car’s valves croaked as we were on the way home from TX, and we were stuck in a motel for a couple days.

    (I was about six, so it was kinda fascinating. Dad wouldn’t let me ride it, though :D….)

    Staffers seemed to jump on and off as if they did it all the time, which I presume they did.

    I think the type pictured would be a tad safer, though…..

  2. SMMAssociates commented on Maria's Day 2 months ago

    The mud monster flew to Dallas with my wife and my parents to help my sister move into a new house there. Becka’d not been talking. When I picked them up at PIT to come home, she was eating some “Goldfish” as we clicked her into her car seat. Couple miles down the road, I hear “MO!”, as in “more”….

    She hasn’t shut up since…. Only 31 years….

  3. SMMAssociates commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 4 months ago


    WalMart, of course….

  4. SMMAssociates commented on Kliban 4 months ago

    I swear I saw this in MAD about 50 years ago….

  5. SMMAssociates commented on Unstrange Phenomena 6 months ago

    Two cats here. They had a “water dish” that said “good cats” on the bottom.

    They used Sammy (the dog’s) water dish….

    (Still do. Sammy likes their cat food, too, and the younger cat likes Kibbles & Bits.)

  6. SMMAssociates commented on Free Range 7 months ago

    Many, many years ago, I saw an encyclopedia article that quoted Igor Sikorsky in that everybody would have a helicopter by 1956.

    Since it was 1955, when I got home from school that night I asked my dad what color ours would be. That’s when he reminded me that the article in question dated from the 1930’s….

  7. SMMAssociates commented on Chuckle Bros 7 months ago

    Right! Bullet train being “fired” out of a (pistol?) barrel. Fuji in the background sort of reinforces the Japanese angle. The front sight looks like Smith & Wesson, but who knows?

  8. SMMAssociates commented on Kliban's Cats 7 months ago

    Cooking over a very small volcano?

  9. SMMAssociates commented on Working Daze 7 months ago

    Probably because I’m old, I remember many places with “pay toilets”. Usually a nickel or dime, and often with one or more “free” toilet stalls, too. The “pay” stalls always seemed to be cleaner, though. Being very young at the time, not having the proper change was always a possibility, but I survived. (OTOH these were not quite “high class” places v.s. today’s “trip over the homeless” rest rooms.)

    My solution – disregarding the “pay” issue – is to put stalls (with doors) around all the toilets and toss the urinals. Close the door, and nobody sees anything. Probably a good idea to add stalls – women’s clothing (regardless of who or what is wearing it) does seem to take longer to “adjust”.

  10. SMMAssociates commented on Heathcliff 7 months ago

    Peaches, our orange & white tabby, does that to me regularly in bed. Usually just as I get in, before I can arrange the bedding, or get into position…. 20+ pounds of cat with sharp feet, too….

    If I’m wearing a couple of earphones (I like music to relax by), she’ll try to eat the earphone cables, too. Can’t train her out of that. (I’d close the door, but she can open it!)

    Duke, the other cat, won’t do that. He’s more or less afraid of himself, and after about four years will jump on my lap in the family room if nobody else is about. (He doesn’t seem to mind Sam, an eleven-year-old JRT.)

    The house is a bit over 60 years old, and has settled enough to warp some doorframes.