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  1. gort commented on Eek! 7 days ago

    thats what he gets for opening his practice in sleepy hollow

  2. gort commented on Jane's World 28 days ago

    ah him is a her

  3. gort commented on Adult Children 28 days ago

    hey don’t change it.us poor spellers understand it.

  4. gort commented on Ziggy about 1 month ago

    2nd will get you some pants

  5. gort commented on Adult Children about 1 month ago

    does it say in your lease that you are responsible for plumbing leaks?
    if not ,you where robbed!
    talk to the apt. OWNERS about this for no lease i have ever signed made me $ responsible for leakes.sounds like you have a crook for a manager.YOU HAVE RIGHTS.take that sob to small claims court and get your money back.

  6. gort commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    how come right handed people are never called north paws?

  7. gort commented on Over the Hedge about 1 month ago

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate turtles

  8. gort commented on Ink Pen about 1 month ago


  9. gort commented on Francis about 1 month ago

    so just how do you save the planet by replacing a enviromentally safe light bulb with one that contains toxic mercury

  10. gort commented on Adult Children about 1 month ago

    im 58 and have never met a sane person!