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  1. Melkior commented on Garfield 5 days ago

    It seems that the mouse has got wood…

    I know, I know. It’s a terrible joke. I’m just trying to make the comic a bit more interesting.

  2. Melkior commented on Endtown 6 days ago

    Unless I’m very much mistaken, the line is “Oh, my ears and whiskers, I’m late!”

    Poor Wally. I wonder if this is real or symbolic? Probably symbolic. Wally has so far failed to rescue Holly from the “belly of the beast” so maybe all of this is from his guilt?

  3. Melkior commented on Garfield 7 days ago

    Incorrect. It’s steam which is invisible. Water vapour is visible when there’s enough of it in one place and it’s what clouds are formed out of. Unfortunately, even Wikipedia has this one wrong, incorrectly conflating steam with vapour.

  4. Melkior commented on Endtown 8 days ago

    LOL! He’s a mouthy guy for sure.

  5. Melkior commented on Endtown 11 days ago

    Ear Tackle!

  6. Melkior commented on Endtown 12 days ago

    Wally is afraid that Lyn wants to do a hatchet job on him.

  7. Melkior commented on Endtown 13 days ago

    Referencing my comment on the previous page… I TOLD YOU SO!

  8. Melkior commented on Endtown 14 days ago

    Sorry, but you got it wrong. It wasn’t a genie (correct spelling: djinni)

    It was a reference to the Stranger In Black series. The Stranger is a bit like a genie in that he’s obliged to grant the first wish a person expresses in his hearing. But he is obliged to always grant the wish by the most direct means possible. Add to this the fact that most people don’t make wise wishes and you have the situation of “be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.”

  9. Melkior commented on Endtown 15 days ago

    “As you wish, so let it be.”

    Kudos to anyone who gets the reference, and the hidden implication.

  10. Melkior commented on Endtown 19 days ago

    A thought occurred to me, that Wally is so very sure that this is all an illusion. Why? Maybe he’s not suffering from the terrible thirst which would result from exposure to real Amesworth Radiation? Maybe that’s how he knows that the radiation isn’t real and that his badge turning white has to be part of the illusion?

    So why would he bother to comfort an illusion? Perhaps he just needs to do so, for his own comfort. Or maybe he thinks that the illusion is based on a real person and comforting the illusion is being respectful to the real person it was based on?

    There are other possibilities too of course.