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  1. Melkior commented on Garfield about 5 hours ago

    On second thoughts, make that two pizzas. After all, if it was only one pizza, what would everyone else eat?

  2. Melkior commented on Garfield about 5 hours ago

    Solution: Order another pizza.
    Problem solved. ;)

  3. Melkior commented on Garfield 1 day ago

    The term you’re looking for is “Enting” ;)

    /me is a bit of a Tolkien geek.

    And proud of it. You hear me? PROUD! :D

  4. Melkior commented on Endtown 2 days ago

    Here come the Chekov’s Guns to haunt them. And as I speculated last strip, perhaps Clive has a homing beacon with a 30-day battery, just like an aircraft “black box” (which is generally orange)?

  5. Melkior commented on Garfield 2 days ago


    Yap! Yap! Yap! Yap!

    I have just been reliably informed that hydrants will be provided.

  6. Melkior commented on Endtown 2 days ago

    I wonder if Clive has a tracking device inside that base, with a battery which can last 30 days like an aircraft “black box?” (Although aircraft so-called black boxes are usually orange to make them easy to spot following an accident)

  7. Melkior commented on Endtown 4 days ago

    One does wonder (this one does, at least) whether or not those air scouts are something to worry about. Probably, otherwise there would be no reason to show them. Now one also wonders whether the dittos actually have their own collective intelligence or they’re only “borrowing” their personality from Wally, and only because he’s the most strong-willed person present?

  8. Melkior commented on Garfield 4 days ago

    If you don’t like the weather forecast on Accuweather, just wait half an hour and then refresh. :P

  9. Melkior commented on Garfield 4 days ago

    I have no idea. I know that it’s slang for a type of bullying. It’s also the name of an American city. Knowing humans’ penchant for euphemisms, I’d hardly be surprised to find that “buffalo” had at least half a dozen different distinct meanings. In the dictionary, “set” has something like two dozen meanings.

  10. Melkior commented on Garfield 5 days ago

    But Garfield, does it tell you whether the Wether will weather the weather or whether the Wether will not?
    (Don’t start with the “Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” stuff. I’m coining a phrase here, not repeating old stuff.)