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  1. Melkior commented on Endtown 7 days ago

    The Hindenburg wasn’t painted with rocket fuel. That myth was busted by no less than the Mythbusters.
    The skin and the paint combination certainly was flammable though, and so probably contributed to the conflagration.
    In other words, it was a combination of the highly flammable hydrogen and the flammable fabric skin.

  2. Melkior commented on Endtown 7 days ago

    All of the lizards suddenly got a burning desire to leave.

    Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Stop hitting me, will ya?!

  3. Melkior commented on Endtown 9 days ago

    Jim just created a giant Catherine Wheel.

    That’s actually rather cool, although it’s even cooler that he seemingly intends it to kill him too. At least he won’t be able to do any more harm.

  4. Melkior commented on Endtown 11 days ago

    Or maybe those lights are candles hidden inside the shades, but they look either electric or gas.

  5. Melkior commented on Endtown 11 days ago

    That’s the most likely explanation, just in front of “pyrokinesis caused by latent mental powers brought out by rampant Schism Syndrome”

  6. Melkior commented on Garfield 14 days ago

    This kind of reminds me of the old comic book stories about a student in class who is holding up a history book, but we get a look inside and the student is hiding a comic book or something similar inside the history book.

  7. Melkior commented on Endtown 21 days ago

    Looks like that broken bottle bottom struck something vital.

    Or more accurately, was struck by something vital. But the result was the same either way.

  8. Melkior commented on Endtown 22 days ago

    I think the idea is that the bottle Phil falls on will damage his spinal cord, possibly paralysing him.

  9. Melkior commented on Endtown 23 days ago

    That’s what you get when you bottle things up.

  10. Melkior commented on Garfield 26 days ago

    Garfield’s greatest hit is the one he gets in the face from the boot thrown from the neighbour’s window. ;)