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  1. Melkior commented on Garfield 8 days ago

    But nothing is happening, and that’s why he’s smiling.

  2. Melkior commented on Peanuts 9 days ago

    “… so long as you’re far enough away not to know what they’re laughing at.”

  3. Melkior commented on Garfield 10 days ago

    Garfield is a poultry fancier. But the way he fancies poultry isn’t paltry.

  4. Melkior commented on Endtown 10 days ago

    That would be my guess too. The dittos must be covering Clive. But that still leaves the problem of the tracer signal that Clive very obviously must be putting out.

  5. Melkior commented on Garfield 11 days ago

    Tsk, tsk, tsk. In today’s day and age, with mobile phones which have built-in schedule apps and so on, there’s no longer much excuse for even a man to forget important-to-women dates. ;)

  6. Melkior commented on Garfield 12 days ago

    Fun Fact: Gloop and Gleep were the names of the two protoplasmic creatures on the old Saturday-morning cartoon called The Herculoids.

    I don’t remember a Gurgle unless that was the sound the show made when it sank out of sight after all the repeats ended. :/ :)

  7. Melkior commented on Garfield 13 days ago

    He gets more dinner that way.

  8. Melkior commented on Endtown 13 days ago

    What? Hasn’t even Chik “gotten it” yet? Clive quite obviously has a tracker. I’d have thought our little adventuring troupe would have figured it out by now.

  9. Melkior commented on Endtown 18 days ago

    I thought so.

  10. Melkior commented on Garfield 19 days ago

    Cats do tend to be lactose intolerant, which is why there exists special pet milk which has the lactose removed. You generally won’t see any difference unless you watch the cat poop out the contents of its upset digestive system. Cats also try not to show pain so you’re unlikely to see much if any change in their behaviour even if they have a terrible tummy-ache.

    Something about this strip reminds me of Harvey Comics’ Little Lotta (a fat, super-strong Big Eater) when she was trying to lose weight. She’s told that she has to eat half what she usually eats and in the next panel she’s in front of a table covered with a huge pile of food and when challenged about it, she says “this is half!”