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  1. nickel_penny commented on For Better or For Worse 5 days ago

    I’ve never met a Phy. Ed “teacher” who actually taught anything. From their title, you’d think learning about how the body works, what nutrition is and why exercise is important would be key elements to the “class”. But no. It was always “Run until you can’t breathe, do calisthenics until you can’t move, now play dodge ball.” And P.E. “teachers” wonder why they’re viewed as such a joke.

  2. nickel_penny commented on Luann 11 days ago

    Oh please. At a minimum the first four to six semesters are a breeze if you take fewer than 18 credits. Just show up on time, pay attention and do the homework. That makes it easy to maintain a 4.0 without any extra studying while leaving plenty of free time to socialize and do whatever you want.

  3. nickel_penny commented on For Better or For Worse 13 days ago

    Once? Ha! Must be nice. I move every year.

  4. nickel_penny commented on Luann 13 days ago

    Leave out the words “college prep” and you’ve got it right.

  5. nickel_penny commented on Luann 14 days ago

    1. Get in the habit of looking professional instead of childish.

    2. Learn to cook, clean, mend, manage your finances, and do car and home maintenance.

    3. Follow ALL directions on assignments. It’s amazing how incompetent people are on this point.

    4. Join any club and be an active participant. You will meet people who will be working in your industry who can help connect you to your future career. WHO you know is often more important than WHAT you know.

    5. Learn the art of written communication. No one will take you seriously if you text like a 12 year old.

    6. Learn to manage your time. Many assignments will have due dates weeks or months out; don’t lose track of your deadlines.

    7. Read news & blog sites with differing opinions on events so as to broaden your understanding of different values and viewpoints. People who live in “echo-chambers” lack empathy and insight.

  6. nickel_penny commented on For Better or For Worse 16 days ago

    It’s well known that the more inclusive and educated a population is, the more they vote Democrat.

  7. nickel_penny commented on For Better or For Worse 16 days ago

    yeah…there’s tons of research out there that shows it’s actually the REPUBLICANS that need to divide and put down people in order to get votes…just look it up.

  8. nickel_penny commented on For Better or For Worse 18 days ago

    Nice spoilers. Not all of us are ancient and read the originals…

  9. nickel_penny commented on Luann 18 days ago

    It’s always so easy to spot the freshmen.

  10. nickel_penny commented on For Better or For Worse 20 days ago

    “Long distance”? “Extra charges”? What decade are you people living in? I pay a flat $25 a month (yes that includes tax) for unlimited talk/text/data with nationwide coverage.