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  1. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy about 2 years ago

    Stocks are down because there is reason now to believe not only that the economy is rapidly improving, but also that it is on a sustainable path to longer-term growth. Because of this, the Fed might raise interest rates back to a more normal level (higher than almost nothing.) Because of this, the market reacted, and the reaction is most likely temporary. In other words, the market reacted to good news (and the likely – inevitable – consequence of that news.) Now I know how much right-wingers hate the idea of the economy improving while a democrat is in power, but please – get a grip.

  2. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy over 2 years ago

    @teb413 – 1. Everything you say is untrue, and 2. That is not what Obama’s defenders say in response to the false accusations against him. But it is still true that Bush was the worst president in modern times and belongs in jail.

  3. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy over 2 years ago


  4. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    It’s not free and it’s supporters never said it was and never described it as such. What we said – and we’re right – is that it’s better than what we had (although not as good as the obvious and simple solution, single-payer, which delivers better healthcare at a much lower per-capita price than what we pay in EVERY SINGLE DEVELOPED DEMOCRACY that has it, which is most of them.) That “free stuff” thing is just lazy Republican slander. And it’s the Tea Party people who are the parasites, as I’ve been pointing out for a while.


  5. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    Nobody thinks it’s “free stuff.” That’s not what we want and not what we are asking for. Only the right-wing anarchist nutbars present the demands for healthcare reform as a demand for “free stuff.” What we want — and what we largely got with the ACA – is responsible reform that distributes the burden of universal, affordable healthcare across all segments of the public; since it is, after all, a public good. Single-payer would have been much better, as it has been PROVEN to deliver better results at lower cost than the for-profit insurance system. But that’s been made impossible by the reactionary know-nothings of the right, of whom Mr. MccCoy is a prime example.


  6. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy almost 3 years ago

    Can McCoy come up with ONE SINGLE REPORT of identity theft through the ACA web site? Just one? Of course, he also believes that voter fraud is rampant.

  7. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy about 3 years ago

    @Loy Wells: Single-payer is coming? Oh, how I wish! That’s what we really need, and it’s the obvious solution. It’s also how EVERY SINGLE INDUSTRIAL DEMOCRACY that has it in place gets BETTER HEALTHCARE RESULTS at a FRACTION OF THE COST PER CAPITA than we do. In the meantime (I hope) the ACA is better than leaving health insurance to the for-profit market – which REALLY couldn’t care less if you live or die, so long as its margins and executive salaries are good.

  8. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy about 3 years ago

    I guess you right-wingers are too stupid to grasp the point that the overall trend in the extent of arctic ice is DOWN – way down — and for a very good reason. Look, we know for certain that greenshouse gases like carbon dioxide trap heat in the earth’s atmosphere; we know for certain that burning fossil fuels releases greenhouse gases; we know for certain that the amount of greenshouse gases in the environment has been rising at an alarming rate since the beginning of the industrial age; and we do in fact know for certain that the earth is warming and that, over the last decades, arctic ice is disappearing. Climate change is NOT controversial among real scientists, only among the kind of people who don’t believe in evolution (or who work for the Koch brothers and their bogus foundations.) Yet you people seem committed to just burning and burning and burning more and more NON-RENEWABLE resources? That is insane. And suicidal. Al Gore is and was perfectly right.

  9. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy about 3 years ago

    Actually, no, McCoy is once again factually incorrect, as he almost always is. Several of these identifiable people have in fact spoken loudly and publicly against the possibility of war with Syria. It’s one of the more bizarre misconceptions of McCoy and his friends on the radical right that the left is worshipfully uncritical of Obama. The opposite is true; there is intense disappointment and even fury against Obama on the left, since he has governed really as a rather conservative Republican.

  10. JGabrielL commented on Glenn McCoy about 3 years ago

    McCoy spent two years attacking Obama for inaction on Syria. Now that Obama wants to do something, McCoy attacks him for that. Typical Republican tactics — the country’s interests don’t matter, policy doesn’t matter, the ONLY thing is attacking Obama for anything he wants to do. “Our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY is making Obama a one-term president.” — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, 2011. His NUMBER ONE priority? I wonder what priority doing what is right for the country has for McConnell, or for McCoy.